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Personal development review

Personal development review (PDR) can be particularly useful to research staff because many are on fixed-term contracts and need to compete in a tough market for jobs. Whether you want to stay as a researcher in higher education, move into industry, or move into teaching, it is vital that you look at the broad range of skills you will need in order to succeed. The PDR process can help you to do this.

Put simply, PDR ensures that important conversations take place about work, about you, and about any areas where you need support or development or where you have good ideas on how to do things better.

PDR schemes are run at departmental level, so to find out if you have a scheme in place talk to your departmental administrator. Even if you don't, it is part of your PI/supervisor's job to support you in your development so do ask for a meeting, even if it's only an informal chat.

A guide is available from the Oxford Learning Institute to help you get the most out of PDR; there is also a guide to support PIs or anyone else running PDR for staff they manage or oversee.

Researcher Development Framework

The Researcher Development Framework provides a structured way for you to think about areas in which you need to develop, and to identify what areas you're interested in developing (or are not!).

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