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Resources for visitors

Academic Resources

Lectures and seminars

Academic departments have details of their own lectures and seminars on their websites, and many of the larger conferences and lectures are also included on the University’s events list. The Interesting Talks site lists a number of University lectures and a range of talks by external speakers.

Accessing wifi

Those visitors who have been given an Oxford email address for the duration of their visit will be able to access the Eduroam wifi network within University buildings. A list of wifi hotspots in Oxford more generally can be found here.

Support and disability services

The Student Advice Service is an independent advice and information service based at the Oxford University Student Union. While it is primarily aimed at students, the service is willing to advise academic visitors to Oxford.

The Disability Advisory Service provides information and advice on disability issues and facilitates support for those with, for example, sensory or mobility impairments, long-term health conditions, specific learning difficulties, autistic spectrum conditions or mental health difficulties.

Connecting with other researchers

Making connections with other researchers, whether professionally or socially, is an invaluable opportunity while you are in Oxford Oxford; but it may not be easy if your visit to Oxford is relatively short. Your host department may have research networks or committees you can join, and the Oxford Research Staff Society hosts events open to researchers across the University. You may also be interested in the Oxford Women’s Network or the Academic LGBT Network.

Oxford Newcomers' Club    

The Oxford Newcomers' Club provides a meeting point for partners of newly arrived graduate students and staff, including coffee mornings, tours of Oxford colleges, visits to museums, and coach trips to places of interest in the surrounding area.

University Club (Graduates)

The University Club is located on Mansfield Road and offers graduates a range of sporting facilities including a gym, football and cricket pitches and social spaces such as a bar, cafe and restaurant.

Resources for life in Oxford

The Oxford Daily Information website has a huge range of information on life in Oxford, from daily lists of events and classes to guides to local shopping (including how to find supermarkets and where to buy a bike), launderettes, banking and other facilities, and should be your first port of call.


This page provides a map of central Oxford showing University buildings, and has versions that can be downloaded and printed too. The Oxford city guide has a list of maps of central Oxford, with others showing specific areas within Oxford.

Mobile phones

There are a number of mobile phone companies with shops in Oxford - of which several are on Cornmarket. The best option for most visitors will be to obtain a British 'pay-as-you-go' SIM, which all of these shops will sell. If your mobile phone is not unlocked, you will also need to buy a mobile in Oxford. It is possible to obtain a 12 or 24 month contract, but this option will only be available to you if you have several years' worth of credit history in the UK. This site - while aimed at students - provides an overview of how to obtain a mobile phone in the UK. For making international calls, we recommend using Skype and Whatsapp (link to free wifi hotspots above).

Public transport timetables

An overview of transport in Oxford can be found here, and information about buses in and around Oxford can be found on the Oxford Bus Company and Stagecoach sites (both companies run buses on different routes in Oxford). There is a useful guide to taxis here, and for hiring a car to drive yourself here. (If you are interested in hiring a car while in Oxford, note that parking in the city centre and many residential areas is near impossible. Public transport is excellent, both within Oxford, to the many nearby towns and villages nearby, and to other parts of the UK. We strongly recommend that you use public transport, walk or cycle to get around Oxford.)

Sports centre(s)

The University has a Sports Centre on Iffley Road, which is open to all for a fee, as is the Oxford Brookes University Centre for Sports in Headington. There are a wide range of other sports and leisure facilities across Oxford, and further details can be found here.


Visitors who would like to obtain a school place for their child while visiting Oxford must plan well in advance - school admissions in the UK are organised at least a year in advance and, for most schools, admission to a specific school depends on residency within a certain catchment area around the school. Oxfordshire County Council coordinates admission to state schools in Oxford.

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