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St Giles Fair
Spinning carousel at St Giles Fair.
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What’s happening

We hope you and your loved ones stay safe and well during this challenging Covid-19 phase.  

If you would like to participate in any OxRSS activities but might be unable to due to childcare commitments, please let us know!
If there is demand for keeping little ones busy during our sessions, we might be able to organise a parallel scheme for your kids to join on a separate laptop so that they are entertained, and you are free to join our activities. If so, please email us with the age of your children, to Liliana liliana.cifuentesgutierrez@ndorms.ox.ac.uk or Caroline caroline.korell@education.ox.ac.uk

Upcoming Events

To help us, please visit the following survey link to express your interest in virtual activities and suggest new ideas. 

Board games night every Tuesday, during 7:30-9pm via Zoom

All are welcome to join us for the first event will be on Tuesday 14th April. We will be using the website Board Games Arena (https://en.boardgamearena.com/) to play the actual games. You will need to register with Board Games Arena, which is free. It will be much easier if you set up a login with the site before the actual meeting. The Zoom call will start at 7.00pm. Once we see how many people are interested we will decide how many games we will run simultaneously (some online games are limited to 6 or 7 players per game). For the Zoom link or any questions contact Frederic: frederic.dreyer@physics.ox.ac.uk or Mike: Michael.morrison@law.ox.ac.uk

Writing Bootcamp - alternate Wednesday afternoons via Zoom

Would you like to get ahead on your writing while you work at home? Is there an article, book chapter or grant proposal you need to work on?

How about doing it with the support and structure of a group writing session! In these afternoon sessions, we create a good environment for you to concentrate on one of your writing challenges.

For dates and times, Zoom links and any questions, please contact Kamila:  kamila.kolpashnikova@sociology.ox.ac.uk

Virtual Pub Social: Every Thursday from 7:30-9pm via Zoom

Please feel welcome to join every Thursday for some virtual mingling.

After our successful first trial last week, we have decided to host further social evenings. During the virtual event, we will offer a couple of different things that people could do together as the Zoom offers so-called ‘Breakout Rooms’. Depending on what you feel like doing, you can privately message the host and ask to be put in a specific room. We will always have a ‘chat room’ which resembles the usual pub atmosphere the most. This week, we will also try out a ‘games room’ where we will be playing a couple of games from the website ‘Jackbox.tv’.

We are looking forward to meet you!

For the Zoom link or any questions, please email caroline.korell@education.ox.ac.uk for any queries!

Language/Skills Exchange and Making Music

Would you like to work on your Mandarin, activate your German, or start to learn some Italian? How about learning to knit, draw, and cook a good dahl?

Or does dahl just happen to be your master dish? Is Mandarin your native language?

And for those of you who love singing or playing a musical instrument, would you be interested in joining a virtual group?

OxRSS invites researchers and their families to take part in virtual language and skills exchanges, pairing people with something to teach with people wanting to learn, and we invite music lovers to take part in virtual groups, joining musicians in ensembles and singers in a choir or sing-along.

To find out more and take part in these activities, please register your interest here: Tandem Exchange & Making Music

Virtual Coffee meet up run by the Oxford University Newcomers Club

We are very happy to join forces with the Oxford University Newcomer’s club. We are pleased to forward the invitation to their Wednesdays virtual coffee sessions, which they are holding alternate Wednesdays mornings at 10:30 and Wednesday afternoons at 16:30. If you are worried about joining for the first time, or if there is anything we can do to make your experience more comfortable, please let us know. If you or your family members would like to attend please e-mail Nicole in advance to get the Zoom link: nbelang1@gmail.com 

Photo Competition Time!

Please post a picture of your most creative dish with left-over food from the back of your cupboard!

During lockdown time, you may have come across some random food buried in the back of your cupboard. We would like to know how you have included it in one of your dishes. You can post your picture (feel free to post multiple if you like!) on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/oxrss) or Twitter feed (@ResStaffOxford) until Sunday noon. The winner will be announced on Monday and receives an honourable mention on our twitter account.

*Disclaimer: Please aware that any pictures your post are available to view for the public.*




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*New!* issue of Connections, the OxRSS newsletter

Connections is a newsletter published every term with updates on events, training, funding deadlines and other initiatives, featured researcher profiles, and other information that will be of interest to research staff. Any comments, feedback, or suggestions on the newsletter would be very welcome.


OxRSS Ideas for Events in Summer 2020:

Virtual International cooking session: If interested please message: Liliana.cifuentesgutierrez@ndorms.ox.ac.uk

Virtual Weekend Brunch

Other Resources

Online meet-ups for researchers: https://www.thethrivingresearcher.uk/

Code review network: Want to get your code reviewed but don't know who/where to ask?

The Oxford Research Software Engineering group

(https://www.rse.ox.ac.uk/) will be running free fortnighly software surgeries from Tuesday, March 31th onwards.

Members of the OxRSE group will be available to discuss software-related issues from your research and offer help and advice on a variety of topics such as

- Software development best practices

  (e.g. code architecture, version control, testing)

- Code review

- Code optimisation

- Parallelisation

- Software packaging, distribution and publication

 Please visit https://www.rse.ox.ac.uk/software-surgeries/ to book a half-hour appointment.

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