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Magdalen College deer park
Magdalen College deer park.
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The OxRSS committee is a diverse group from across all areas of the University. We're always happy to hear from people who would like to get involved - so please contact the Chair Voice if you'd like to talk about how you could contribute to running OxRSS.


OxRSS Committee

OxRSS committee  OxRSS committee


Name and contact College affiliation
Co-chair - VoiceGwilym Rowlands, Zoology 
Co-chair - Events Liliana Cifuentes Gutierrez, NDORMSHarris Manchester College
Researcher Developer
Anjali Shah, People and Organisational Development (POD)Wolfson College
TreasurerEd Darnbrough, MaterialsSt Edmund Hall
SecretaryRobin Meyer, Faculty of Linguistics, Philology & PhoneticsWolfson College
Events OfficerCaroline Korell, Department of Education 
Publicity Officer (Mailing list, Facebook)Manya Pagiavla, Department of Continuing Education 
Publicity Officer (Twitter, Newsletter)Fabian Schranz, Department of Engineering Science 
Divisional Voice Reps
 Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences  
Mathias Rothmann, Physics 
Jaya John, Physics 
Vinoy Ramachandran, Plant Sciences 
Jie Lin, Engineering Science 
Igor Dyson, Engineering Sciences 
Naeemullah Khan, Engineering Sciences 
Renke HanEngineering Sciences (Begbroke) 
Sivapriya Mothilal Bhagavathy, Engineering Sciences (Begbroke) 
Holly Reeve, Chemistry 
Sarah Cleary, Chemistry 
Paul Bertier, Chemistry 
David Hume, MathematicsSt Cross College
Robert Timms, Mathematics 
Xin Zhou, Computer Science 
Alfonso Bueno-Orovio, Computer Science 
Thibault Lestang, Computer Science 
Ed Darnbrough, MaterialsSt Edmund Hall
Gwilym Rowlands, Zoology 
Eleanor Cole, Zoology 
Michael Cassidy, Earth Sciences 
Maria Christodoulou, Statistics 
Medical SciencesAnjali Shah, Botnar Research Centre, NDORMSWolfson College
Liliana Cifuentes Gutierrez, Botnar Research Centre, NDORMSHarris Manchester College
Claire Pearson, Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology, NDORMSOriel College
Ilenia Salaris, Department of Psychology 
Abigail Benn, Experimental Psychology (on maternity leave) 
Mohammad Bahar, Wellcome Centre for Human Genetics 
Jasleen Jolly, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences 
Gaurav Gupta, The Jenner Institute, Nuffield Department of Medicine none
Leanne Hodson, Radcliffe Department of Medicine 
Ganesha Pitchai, Department of Biochemistry 
Aino Jarvelin, Department of Biochemistry 
Katherine Tucker, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences Green Templeton College
Tahnee Kennedy, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics 
Bashir Ahmed, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics 
Megan Sealey, Department of Pharmacology (on maternity leave) 
Lucie Kafkova, Dunn School of Pathology none
Simone Lanfredini, Oncology 
Dexter Canoy, The George Institute for Global Health, Nuffield Department of Women's & Reproductive Health 
Emma MurphySurgical Sciences 
Peter Chan, Nuffield Department of Population Health 
(Vacancy), Paediatrics 
(Vacancy), Psychiatry 
Social Sciences Thibaut Deviese, School of Archaeologynone
Courtney Nimura, School of Archaeology none
Louise Bezuidenhout, School of Anthropology and Museum EthnographyKellogg College
(Vacancy), Education 
(Vacancy), Department of Geography and the EnvironmentWadham College
(Vacancy), Said Business School 
Silvia Majo-Vazquez, Department of Politics and International Relations (on maternity leave) 
Gwilym Rowlands, Oxford Martin School 
(Vacancy), School of Interdisciplinary Studies 
(Vacancy), Blavatnik School of Government 
HumanitiesFederico Favi, Faculty of Classics 
(Vacancy), Faculty of English Language and LiteratureSt Anne's College
Joulia Smortchkova, Faculty of Philosophynone
Anthony Fernandez, Faculty of PhilosophyWolfson College
Robin Meyer, Faculty of Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics 
Hilary Wynne, Faculty of Linguistics, Philology & PhoneticsKellogg College
Emanuela Vai, Faculty of HistoryWorcester College
Emanuela Vai, Faculty of MusicWorcester College 
(Vacancy), Faculty of Oriental Studies 
(Vacancy), Medieval & Modern Languages 
(Vacancy), Theology & Religion 
College representatives Martin Walker Somerville College
Department of Continuing Education
 Manya Pagiavla 
Gardens, Libraries and Museums (Vacancies) 
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