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Departmental research staff groups

As well as the University-wide OxRSS, there may also be groups within or between departments for research staff to get involved with. Below is a list of those we’ve been able to find – please let us know any additions or corrections!

Department(s)Contact and details
Biochemistry                                Biochemistry Researchers’ Organisation. Each floor has a representative and will treat any comments or complaints in complete confidence.  Departmental meetings, where researchers can raise any issues, are held roughly every six months. Also hosts happy hours.
Botnar Research CentreNDORMS Student Committee. Mainly represents postgrad students but all staff at Botnar get invited to socials.
ChemistryCatalyst. For DPhils and postdocs
DPAGResearchers’ coffee mornings.
EducationResearch staff committee
Environmental Change Institute     
Coffee mornings every Friday, periodic away days, and staff meetings ~ once per term.
Experimental  Psychology                           
Neuroscience departmentsNeuronetwork. Cross-departmental group with socials and invited speakers.
OncologyOncology Postdoc Network.
Physical activity researchOxford Physical Activity Research Network (OxPARN). A network of researchers from Oxford University and Oxford Brookes with 74 members from 16 different departments. OxPARN has 3 main aims: To meet other researchers from Oxford with physical activity and exercise research interests; To provide an opportunity to discuss research, teaching or supervision support and knowledge sharing; To encourage inter-departmental collaboration and grant applications.
StatisticsTermly informal lunch for research staff.
Weatherall Institute of Molecular MedicinePostdoc society. Organises events including alternative science careers seminars (open to all).
ZoologyJunior Researchers’ Club. For DPhils and postdocs. Includes social events and discussion groups.

Do you want to set up a research staff group in your department? Get in touch with us and we can come and share ideas about what others have done and help you get something going.

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