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OxRSS representation on university committees

OxRSS currently has a presence within the following groups:

Research & Innovation Committee

This group has responsibility for University policy and planning issues relating to research, knowledge exchange, innovation, commercial and social entrepreneurship and public engagement with research. The group is chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research & Innovation and includes senior academics from each division. The OxRSS Co-Chair (Voice) or Anjali Shah, as deputy, has been co-opted to this committee.

Research Staff Development Forum

This group aims to address issues for research staff across the University. It is working on a number of fronts to ensure that the University provides the best possible working environment for its research staff. The group is chaired by Professor David Gavaghan, and includes a number of senior academics, divisional skills training coordinators, and representatives from other relevant groups. It reports to the Research & Innovation Committee. Four OxRSS voice representatives sit on this forum, including Claire Pearson (OxRSS Med Sci lead rep) and Jorge Varela Barreras (OxRSS Co-Chairman (Voice) and MPLS lead rep), Robin Meyer (OxRSS Secretary and lead Humanities rep) and Louise Bezuidenhout (OxRSS lead Social Science rep).

Planning & Housing Strategy Group (PHSG)

The Planning and Housing Strategy Group (PHSG) operates as a forum to consider the development of a number of major regional work streams, programmes and enabling strategies within the University’s normal day to day governance processes.  A key issue for consideration is increasing the amount of housing for University staff. The gruop is chaired by Dr David Prout who is the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Resources, and is attended by senior members of the University and administration. A post for an OxRSS rep is vacant.

Pensions Working Group

This group has the aim of revieweing and responding to the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) and Universities UK (UUK) on issues around the valuation of pension. Jaya John (OxRSS MPLS Physics rep) and Martine Abboud (OxRSS MPLS Chemistry rep) have been invited to contribute to this group.

Intellectual Property Advisory Group (IPAG)

The Intellectual Property Advisory Group (IPAG) is responsible to the Research & Innovation Committee for advising on the development of University policy around the management and exploitation of intellectual property. The group is chaired by the Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation and its membership includes senior academics from the University of Oxford, senior members of Research Services and Legal Services, and representatives from Oxford University Innovation. IPAG is serviced jointly by Research Services and Oxford University Innovation. Holly Reeve (OxRSS MPLS Chemistry rep), Thibaut Deviese (OxRSS Social Science Anthropology rep) and Tahnee Kennedy (OxRSS Med Sci DPAG rep) sit on this group on behalf of OxRSS.

Gender Equality Advisory Group (GEAG)

The Gender Equality Advisory Group maintains an oversight of and coordinates activity on gender equality across the collegiate University, including work on Athena SWAN. Liliana Cifuentes Gutierrez (OxRSS Co-Chairwoman (Events)) sits on this group on behalf of OxRSS.

Race Equality Charter Action Group (RECAP)

This Group is a forum for consultation and discussion, both between the Equality and Diversity Unit and groups with an interest in race equality, and between those groups themselves. The Group is expected to become a key mechanism for people across the University to implement the action plan for the Bronze Race Equality Charter held by the University. Jie Lin (OxRSS MPLS, Engineering Science rep) sits on this group.

Health and Wellbeing Strategy Group

Gary Tideswell, the Director of Occupational Health and Safety, is leading a University wide initiative to develop a Health and Wellbeing strategy. This group has considered important issues such as health and safety  of University staff when working abroad, increased provision of counselling services for staff, and improved sports and recreational facilities, and it is hoped the Strategy will be approved in 2019. Louise Bezuidenhout (OxRSS Soc Sci, Institute of Science, Innovation and Society rep)  sits on this group.

Mindful Employer Steering Group

The disability advsior employed within the Equality and Diversity Unit chairs this group, which aims to implement the Mindful Employer Charter. The University of Oxford as a signatory of this charter shows a willingness to work towards better practice on mental health. Nina Kruglikova (Social Sciences rep) and Joulia Smortchkova (Humanities rep) are members of this group.

Careers Service - OxRSS working group

The purpose of this group is to help guide and co-deliver Careers support and co-organise events for researchers, such as the annual Careers Conference for Researchers. The following OxRSS voice representatives are members of this group: Liliana Cifuentes Gutierrez (Co-Chairwoman (Events)), Dzmitry Batrakou (Med Sci rep), Igor Dyson (MPLS rep), David Hume (MPLS rep), Manya Pagiavla (Conted and OxRSS Publicity Officer), Nina Kruglikova (Soc Sci rep), Hilary Wynne (Humanities rep), and Joulia Smortchkova (Humanities rep).

Medical Sciences Divisional Board

The Board is the highest level group meeting within the Medical Sciences Division. It is chaired by Professor Gavin Screaton (Head of Medical Sciences), and nominations have been submitted by OxRSS for a representative to sit on the Board from 2019 onwards.

Medical Sciences Research Staff Advisory Group (RSAG)

This groups aim to consider all issues concerning research staff within the Division, and includes representatives from every department. It is chaired by Professor Afsie Sabokbar (Divisional Director of Skills Training and Researcher Development).

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Divisional Board (MPLS Board)

The Board is the highest level group meeting within the MPLS Division. It is chaired by Professor Donal Bradley (Head of MPLS), and Ed Darnbrough (OxRSS MPLS Materials Science rep) has been co-opted to the Board to represent researchers.

Humanities Research Committee

This committee aims to take strategic oversight of the research, knowledge exchange and innovation in the Humanities Division, and to facilitate and promote its development. Robin Meyer (OxRSS Secretary & Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics) has been co-opted to this Committee.

National committees on which OxRSS have representation:

UK Research Staff Association (UKRSA)

UKRSA, in association with Vitae, aims to provide a collective voice for research staff across the UK, through building researcher communities and influencing policy. Our Vision at UKRSA: A fulfilling career for every researcher UKRSA Mission: Empower research staff to take control of their careers and contribute to policy. Anjali Shah is a member of the UKRSA committee with a specific remit on the impact of Brexit on research in the UK, and the Concordat to support the Career Development of Researchers.

Concordat Strategy Group (CSG)

The Concordat Strategy Group is responsible for promoting the implementation of the principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers across the UK, in line with its implementation strategy and in partnership with other bodies. Anjali Shah is the researcher representative from UKRSA to contribute to this group.

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