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OxRSS representation on committees

University committees on which OxRSS have representation:

Oxford University Council

Council is the University's executive governing body. It is responsible, under the Statutes, for “the advancement of the University's objects, for its administration, and for the management of its finances and property” and has “all the powers necessary for it to discharge those responsibilities”.  Council is chaired by the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Louise Richardson and includes senior academics from each division, colleges, members elected by congregation.  The OxRSS Chair (Voice) Dr Gwilym Rowlands has been co-opted to Council, which meets between two and five times a term.

Research & Innovation Committee

This group has responsibility for University policy and planning issues relating to research, knowledge exchange, innovation, commercial and social entrepreneurship and public engagement with research. The group is chaired by Professor Patrick Grant the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research and includes senior academics from each division. Dr Ed Darnborough represents research staff on this committee, which meets twice a term.

Research Staff Steering Committee

This group has responsibility for strategy with regards to Research Staff. Membership includes senior academic representatives from the divisions, Conference of Colleges, and the Directors of key UAS departments. The group meets once per term and is chaired by University Advocate for Research Staff Prof. David Gavaghan. The Research Staff Steering Committee and reports to the Research and Innovation Committee and works in close consultation with the Research Staff Working Group and Research Staff Consultation Group. The OxRSS Chair (Voice) Dr Gwilym Rowlands represents research staff on this committee, which meets once a term. 

Research Staff Consultation Group

This group provides a forum for consultation of Research Staff on matters relating to University strategy, policy, and provision. The committee consults on papers working through both Research Staff Steering Committee and Research Staff Working Group, and can also submit papers to either committee. The group is chaired by OxRSS Chair Dr Gwilym Rowlands, and is formed of Research Staff representatives from each of the divisions and Colleges. Humanities.

Careers Working Group (joint Careers Service and OxRSS working group)

The purpose of this group is to help guide and co-deliver Careers support and co-organise events for researchers, such as the annual Careers Conference for Researchers.

National committees on which OxRSS have representation:

UK Research Staff Association (UKRSA)

UKRSA, in association with Vitae, aims to provide a collective voice for research staff across the UK, through building researcher communities and influencing policy. Our Vision at UKRSA: A fulfilling career for every researcher UKRSA Mission: Empower research staff to take control of their careers and contribute to policy. Anjali Shah (Med Sci rep) is Co-Chair of the UKRSA committee with a specific remit on the impact of Brexit on research in the UK, and the Concordat to support the Career Development of Researchers.

Concordat Strategy Group (CSG) and Concordat Executive Group

These two groups are responsible for promoting the implementation of the principles of the Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers across the UK, in line with its implementation strategy and in partnership with other bodies. Anjali Shah (Med Sci rep & Chair of UKRSA) is the researcher representative from UKRSA who contributes to this group.

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