Who needs migrant workers

A definitive piece of work about migrant labour in the UK by researchers at the ESRC Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS), University of Oxford, is being used to inform government policy on labour immigration.

Who needs migrant workersResearch at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society helps inform government policy.

The regulation of labour immigration is one of the most important and controversial public policy issues in high-income countries. Academics from a number of UK Universities, led by Dr Martin Ruhs and Dr Bridget Anderson from COMPAS at the University of Oxford, have provided a comprehensive framework for analyzing the demand for migrant workers in six sectors: health, social care, hospitality, food production, construction, and financial services. Their research demonstrates how a wide range of government policies contribute to creating a growing demand for migrant labour.

The research conducted was commissioned by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) in the Home Office, who advise the UK government on labour immigration policy. Among its core tasks is to identify a list of shortage occupations where employers can get easy access to non-EEA migrant workers. To identify the jobs that should go on this list, the MAC ask whether it is sensible to use non-EEA workers to fill the shortage. The research at COMPAS informed MAC’s thinking on how to assess whether it is sensible to use non-EEA migrants to fill shortages, and about how to integrate the bottom-up approach into its analysis.

Funded by: The Migration Advisory Committee.