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REF 2014 results table

Oxford University’s results in REF 2014 are given below. Results are shown as the percentage of the submitted research and impact information achieving the following grades:

4* - world-leading

3* - internationally excellent

2* - recognised internationally

1* - recognised nationally

U – unclassified

The top line shows the results for the University as a whole. The table then shows the results for each academic subject, in the order that they are submitted to REF. We also show the number of staff submitted for each subject (full time equivalent).

Unit of assessment nameFTE Category A staff submitted4*3*2*1*unclassified
University of Oxford overall2409.2748391110
Unit of assessment nameFTE Category A staff submitted4*3*2*1*unclassified
Clinical Medicine238.515339800
Public Health, Health Services and Primary Care47.705735710
Psychology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience98.306728500
Biological Sciences223.804746700
Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences36.454351510
Mathematical Sciences148.605937400
Computer Science and Informatics73.505334922
Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials34.126038200
General Engineering93.795541400
Geography and Environmental studies53.8541421610
Economics and Econometrics83.9056331010
Business and Management Studies42.1051361120
Politics and International Studies76.6554271540
Social Work and Social Policy27.407914700
Development Studies44.1340392010
Area Studies71.1036401950
Modern Languages and Linguistics116.7527432352
English Language and Literature87.7942421600
Theology and Religious Studies32.7034382440
Art and Design: History, Practice and Theory9.0022532050
Music, Drama, Dance and Performing Arts20.2555341010
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