Building Strategic Partnerships in Digital Health

Dr Adam Stoten, Dr Paul Ashley, Dr Fred Kemp, Dr James Groves (Oxford University Innovation)

Dr Richard Liwicki, Ms Barbara Murray (Research Services)

Mr Geoff Lees (Legal Services)

Prof. Lionel Tarassenko (Department of Engineering)

Mr Charles Lescot, Mr Jason Dorsett, Mr Peter Knight, Dr Chris Bunch (Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust)

medical equipmentDigital technology.
The National Health Service is in crisis. Constrained spending for a population with increasing healthcare demands means it is critical that we adopt innovative strategies for delivering healthcare in the 21st century. Digital technology has revolutionised our lives, including the way we shop, relax, work and communicate. However, the failure of academic institutions, healthcare providers and companies to work in close partnership has blocked the most innovative ideas in digital healthcare being translated from lab to patient bedside.

In July 2017 The University of Oxford, The Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford University Innovation (OUI) and Drayson Health set out to solve this problem by establishing a 5-year Strategic Research Agreement (SRA) to develop, validate and bring to market advanced digital health technologies for the benefit of the NHS. This partnership has already led to Drayson Health taking on four technologies and rolling these out in Oxfordshire and beyond. As part of the agreement, Drayson Health is funding research within the University, supporting the continued development of digital health innovation in Oxford. Furthermore, as the financial returns from the commercialisation of these technologies will be shared with the University and NHS, this is an innovative model which will create enduring and wide-ranging benefits.