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Second a researcher
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Second a researcher

Many companies have benefitted from embedding a University researcher in their team for a defined period. The companies benefit from direct access to the latest ideas and thinking in the academic world and the University benefits from the experience and knowledge that flow back into the research groups from the commercial sector.

Knowledge Transfer (KT) is the process by which knowledge and ideas move between the University of Oxford and users of that knowledge and is one of the strategic priorities of the university. The University uses Knowledge Transfer Secondments and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships to help meet its objectives in this area .

Knowledge Transfer Secondments (KTS)

EPSRC sponsored KTS projects are directed at improving the exploitation of EPSRC research outcomes through the transfer of people between universities and ‘user organisations’. Outward secondees who have received previous EPSRC support can be seconded to any UK based organisation that can benefit from the results of the research, whereas Inward secondees pursue a specific research project within the university; building on knowledge generated by EPSRC funding.

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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

KTPs are a national scheme, which supports collaborative projects involving a ‘Knowledge Base’ partner and a ‘Company’ partner, for example a university and an SME. Projects can be set up to include a period where the researcher is located at the company’s facilities.

The University KTP officer provides general advice and support to projects, from the initial exploratory discussion stage through to completion.

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