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About us

A Community of shared interest or ‘Knowledge Exchange’ community exists at Oxford University, united by a common purpose:  to accelerate the impact of research on the world. 

Knowledge exchange

This community of interest is fuelled by:

  • Passionate people – people with a passion for their subject and a real ‘can-do’ attitude
  • Research excellence – commitment, professionalism and academic rigour are and will continue to be integral to the success of Knowledge Exchange activities
  • An innovative culture is intrinsically linked to research in general, and plays a particular role in Knowledge Exchange – where a constant flow of new challenges and perspectives acts as a natural stimulus for creativity and ideas generation.

Central to the success of Knowledge Exchange at Oxford is:

  • Making connections:  identifying and connecting the right parties for the most productive collaborations, and facilitating communications.
  • Genuine partnerships: Oxford aspires to work in genuine partnership with external organisations, developing and demonstrating a true understanding of their challenges
  • Inspiring possibilities:  We aim to do understand and collaborate with our partners and be a source of inspiration

Outputs are:

  • Mutual rewards: the impact of Knowledge Exchange is two-way; Knowledge Exchange is a vehicle to make the world a better place – and also presents the university with the opportunity learn from and be inspired by others. This offers the University fresh challenges and perspectives, ensuring that thinking keeps pace with change
  • Impact on the real world: The central purpose of engaging in Knowledge Exchange is clear – to have an impact on the real world, to apply knowledge to real challenges, and make the world a better place.

How it works

We have a flexible approach to Knowledge Exchange.  We offer a variety of ways you can engage from accessing an individual’s expertise to partnering with us long-term, or something in-between.  We participate individually and collectively.  At the centre of all these activities however is the spirit of collaboration and partnership to accelerate the impact of research on the wider world.

Oxford’s Knowledge Exchange community has an appetite for challenge.  Please explore the site and contact us to find out how we can explore new questions and discover new possibilities, together.

We receive funding which helps us to partner with external organisations from many sources including:

Collaborate with us

For a general discussion about how you can work with the University of Oxford please contact the Knowledge Exchange & Impact Team.

Specialist contacts can be found on the contact us page.

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