Degree Day 2009.
(Credit: Oxford University Images / Rob Judges Photography)


Selecting images

▢ What is my intended use?

▢ What size file do I need?

▢ What rights do I need?

▢ Do I need to pay?

▢ Can I negotiate the fee – number of images, low print run?

Licensing images

▢ Allow enough time to clear rights before using images.

▢ Do I know who the copyright holder is?

▢ Can’t find a copyright holder – have I done a diligent search?

▢ Is this use electronic and/or print?

▢ What rights do I want?

▢ Do I already have a subscription or scale of fees?

Commissioning images

▢ Has the photographer received a clear brief?

▢ What rights of use have you agreed with the photographer?

▢ What is the intended use of the images – a particular project and/or stock use?

▢ What format (landscape/portrait) is needed?

▢ Have the models been booked for the shoot?

▢ Have the models been informed clearly what to wear and what is expected?

▢ Have the models understood the consent forms?

▢ Have the consent forms been signed?

▢ Can the models be easily identified and linked to the consent forms?

▢ Has permission to shoot in the chosen location been granted?

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