Design Studio examples
Design Studio work examples


Branding toolkit

Using the University brand in a consistent manner establishes a distinctive identity for the University, wherever and whenever it is seen. The Design and Publications Office has created a toolkit to help and advise staff on how to implement the University’s brand devices.

Writing and style guide

Download our style guide for writing and editing guidelines.


Pictures have a vital role to play in very many of the publications we produce. A picture can get a message across quickly and effectively, so it is important that it conveys what you need it to.

For information on what images to use, briefing photographers, quality and size of images as well as photographic consent, visit: How to get the most out of your images.

Oxford University Image Library

Oxford University Images is an online library containing photographs from across the University and is an invaluable resource for those producing communications materials. Members of the collegiate University can purchase a licence to use photographs from the image library at reduced rates.

Stationery and conference items

The Design and Publications Office supplies a variety of stationery and conference items with the University brand, including folders, notepads and pens. These are purchased in quantity and sold at cost to University members. To view and order items visit: Stationery and conference items.

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