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Community engagement

You may wish to promote your research through activities that come under the umbrella of public and community engagement, for example:

For other examples of how Oxford engages with its local community and the wider public, visit

If you are interested in working more closely with local community partners, then it is useful, initially, to think through what you would like to get from it precisely, and then have a conversation with the Head of Government and Community Relations, who may already be aware of similar initiatives that are going on elsewhere. For example:

  • a current project partnering Oxfordshire County Council has seen the sharing of information and expertise on such things as children’s services, and public policy formation.
  • The Education Deanery works closely with local schools in order to develop best education practice, and
  • the Classics Department recently received a community grant in order to develop a project called “Ancient Tales” with the people of East Oxford. Find out more about the East Oxford Community Classics Centre.

Local Government and Community Relations Officer
Laurence Garfield
Tel: 01865 280335, email:

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