Ceiling of the Sheldonian Theatre
Ceiling of the Sheldonian Theatre
Credit: David Williams Photography. This image is available in the Oxford University Image Library.

Public Affairs Office

Internal Communications

The Head of Internal Communications leads the following activities:

  • Managing cross-University channels, such as the staff magazine Blueprint, the Staff Gateway and the UAS Conference
  • Providing communications advice and planning for issues of University-wide importance
  • Offering advice to individual divisions and departments about communications issues and projects
  • Providing templates for communications planning and activity (such as surveys and consultations)
  • Working closely with communications staff based in different parts of the University to ensure the sharing of information, resources and best practice

Government and Community Relations

The Head of Government and Community Relations leads the following activities:

  • Communicating with decision-makers and opinion-formers in Westminster and Whitehall about the work of the University
  • Monitoring Parliamentary questions and debates, Select Committees and information from government and other bodies that mention the University, and responding as appropriate
  • Coordinating visits to the University by government ministers and parliamentarians
  • Providing advice on government and parliamentary-related matters
  • Overseeing the annual Oxford London Lecture series and the Oxford China and Oxford India lectures
  • Leading a review of the collegiate University's public and community engagement activities with a view to developing a University strategy to support and improve this area of work over the next few years
  • Acting as a point of contact for councillors and officers at Oxford City and Oxfordshire County Councils, district councils, and local community groups
  • Providing advice, planning and activity for communications with local councils on issues of University-wide importance, such as the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter
  • Providing advice, planning and activity on community-related matters 
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