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The Encaenia Procession
The Encaenia Procession
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University Ceremonies


Encaenia, held annually on the Wednesday of ninth week of Trinity Term, is the ceremony at which the University awards honorary degrees to distinguished men and women from across the globe, and commemorates its benefactors. This important event has been held in the Sheldonian Theatre since 1670.

Visits by Heads of State and Degrees by Diploma

Honorary degrees given to Heads of State

Year of visit

Head of State



King Juan Carlos I


Degree of Doctor of Civil Law by Diploma


Crown Prince Naruhito


Degree of Doctor of Civil Law by Diploma


President Mary Robinson


Degree of Doctor of Civil Law by Diploma


President Bill Clinton

United States of America

Degree of Doctor of Civil Law by Diploma


His Excellency Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela

President of the Republic of South Africa

Degree of Doctor of Civil Law by Diploma


His Excellency Professor Roman Herzog

President of the Federal Republic of Germany

Degree of Doctor of Civil Law by Diploma


Václav Havel

President of the Czech Republic

Degree of Doctor of Civil Law by Diploma


His Excellency Fernando Henrique Cardoso

President of The Federative Republic of Brazil

Degree of Doctor of Civil Law by Diploma


His Excellency Carlo Azeglio Ciampi

President of the Italian Republic

Degree of Doctor of Civil Law by Diploma


His Majesty King Harald V of Norway

Degree of Doctor of Civil Law by Diploma


His Majesty King Abdullah Ibn Al Hussein

King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

Degree of Doctor of Civil Law by Diploma


His Excellency Giorgio Napolitano

President of the Republic of Italy

Degree of Doctor of Civil Law by Diploma

Royal (UK) Visits to the University

Year of visit

Head of State


Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh

Opened the Chemistry Research Laboratory


Her Majesty The Queen

Opened a garden in memory of Princess Margaret at the University of Oxford’s Rothermere American Institute


Her Majesty The Queen and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh

Opened the Children’s Hospital at the John Radcliffe Hospital


Her Majesty The Queen

Opened the new Ashmolean Museum


Her Majesty The Queen

To commemorate the Quincentenary of Brasenose College

Admission of the Proctors and Assessor

The Senior Proctor, Junior Proctor and the Assessor are elected annually by the colleges in a set cycle. As well as being members of key decision-making committees within the University, the Proctors and Assessor ensure that the University operates according to its statutes. Since 2013, the Admission Ceremony takes place in the Sheldonian Theatre. Details of the previous Proctors dating back to 1900 can be found by clicking on the link below.

A list of previous Proctors and Assessors

Record of Proctors since 1900 Record of Proctors and Assessor
YearName and College YearName and College
1900W.W. How (Merton)
J.A.R. Munro (Lincoln)
 1960B.B. Lloyd (Magdalen)
P.M. Frazer (All Souls)
E. A. O. Whiteman (A) (L.M.H.)
1901J Tracey (Keble)
H.D. Leigh (CCC)
A.E. Jolliffe (CCC)
 1961J.M. Thomas (New College)
D. Mitchell (Worcester)
R.J. Banister (A) (Somerville)
1902A.R. Poynton (Univ)
P. Elford (St John's)
 1962J.H. Sanders (Oriel)
G.D.G. Hall( Exeter)
B Kemp (A) (St. Hugh’s)
1903C.E. Haslefoot (Hertford)
F.J. Wylie (Brasenose)
 1963J.D. Davies (St Catherine's)
J.B. Mcloed (Wadham)
M.L. Tomlinson (A) (St Hilda’s)
1904E.J. Palmer (Balliol)
J.L. Myres (Ch.Ch)
 1964G.W. Bond (Pembroke)
B.F. Mcguinness (Queens)
M. E. Hubbard (A) (St Anne’s)
1905C.C.J. Webb (Magdalen)
C.G. Robertson (All Souls)
 1965D.C.M. Yardley (St Edmund Hall)
C.A. Caine (St Peter's)
H. Taylor Willetts (A) (St Antony’s)
1906H.W.R. Joseph (New College)
H.J. Cunningham (Worcester)
 1966R.A. Fletcher (Trinity)
C.F. Williamson (Jesus)
M. C. M. O’Brien (A) (L.M.H.)
1907W.C. Allen (Exeter) 1967J.M. Roberts (Merton)
A.W.B. Simpson (Lincoln)
U. Kitzinger (A) (Nuffield)
1908J.F. Stenning (Wadham)
W Barker (Merton)
 1968C.G. Smith (Keble)
R.P.H. Gasser (CCC)
B. F. Harvey (A) (Somerville)
1909W Ramsden (Pembroke)
G.B. Cronshaw (Queens)
 1969R.J. Elliott (St John’s)
A.E. Firth (University)
T. G. Halsall (A) (Linacre)
1910A.E.W. Hazel (Jesus)
M.W. Paterson (Trinity)
 1970D.L. Stockton (B.N.C.)
J.R. Torrence (Hertford)
S. M. Wood (a) (St Hugh’s)
1911J.C. Miles (Merton)
E.I. Carlyle (Lincoln)
 1971H Davies (Ch.Ch.)
P.G.H. Sanders (Balliol)
A Jones (A) (St Cross)
1912W.H.V. Reade (Keble)
R.W. Livingston (CCC)
 1972J.D. Feltham (Magdalen)
R Briggs (All Souls)
M. E. Ryaner (A) (St. Hilda’s)
1913A.S.L. Farquharson (University)
J.L. Stocks (St John's
 1973J Campbell (Worcester)
G.V. Bennett (New College)
D. Kay (A) (Wolfson)
1914A.J. Jenkinson (Brasenose)
E.A. Burroughs (Hertford)
 1974D.J. Roaf (Exeter)
N.A. Ruddenn (Oriel/B.N.C)
H. S. Rossotti (A) (St. Anne’s)
1915E Hilliard (Balliol)
J.D. Beazley (Ch.Ch.)
 1975B.E.F. Fender (St Catherine's)
R.P. Martineau (Wadham)
H. Shukman (St. Antony’s)
1916J.M. Thompson (Magdalen)
H.H.E. Craster (All Souls)
 1976H.A.O. Hill (Queens)
J.D. Feeman (Pembroke)
A. M. Hudson (A) (L.M.H.)
1917F.J. Lys (Worcester)
H.P. Allen (New College)
 1977J.C.B. Gosling (St. Peter’s)
M.B. Powell (St Peter's)
J.S. Flemming (A) (Nuffield)


F.H. Hall (Oriel)
R.R. Marett (Exeter)
 1978R. Martin (Trinity)
P.J. Clarke (Jesus)
M. T. Griffin (A) (Somerville)
1919J.F. Stenning (Wadham)
W.D. Kendrew (Non-collegiate)
 1979R.C. Repp (St. Cross)
V.R. Joshi (Merton)
E. Sidebottom (A) (Lincoln)
1920G.B. Allen (Pembroke)
H.J. Paton (Queens)
 1980T.C. Cooper (St Hughes)
P.M. Hayes (Keble)
M.J. Collins (A) (University)
1921D.L. Chapman (Jesus)
J.R.H. Weaver (Trinity)
 1981C. C. W. Taylor (CCC)
R White (St Cross)
J.W. White (A) (St John’s)
1922V.J.K. Brook (Lincoln)
F.W. Green (Merton)
 1982I.C. Butler (Ch.Ch.)
R. A. Cooper (Brasenose)
H. M. Brown (A) (St Hilda’s)
1923W Phelps (CCC)
D.C. Simpson (Keble)
 1983E.L. Hussey (All Souls)
R. J. Van-Noorden (Hertford)
R. A. W. Bladon (A) (Wolfson)
1924A.L. Poole (St John's)
C.K. Allea (University)
 1984W. Newton-Smith (Balliol)
R.C.S. Walker (Magdalen)
E.P. Wilson (A) (Worcester)
1925W.T.S. Stallybrass (Brasenose)
J.D. Dennison (Hertford)
 1985R. L. Deech (St Anne's)
L. G. Black (Oriel)
A. J. Ryan (A) (New College)
1926K.N. Bell (Balliol)
T.N. Chaundy (Ch.Ch.)
 1986M. D. Deas (St Anthony's)
P.A. Slack (Exeter)
M. B. Gearin-Tosh (A) (St. Catherine’s)
1927E.L. Woodward (All Souls)
E.M. Wrong (Magdalen)
H.M.D. Parker (Magdalen)
 1987P. M. Neumann (Queens)
G. Stoy (L.M.H.)
J. S. Knowland (A) (Pembroke)
1928C.H. Wilkinson (Worcester)
S Casson New (College)
 1988D. J. Mabberly (Wadham)
D. L. Miller (Nuffield)
C. J. Wells (A) (St Edmund Hall)
1929L.H.D. Buxton (Exeter)
G.N. Clark (Oriel)
 1989P. C. Newell (St Peter's)
P. N. Mirfield (Jesus)
J. K. Aronson (A) (Green)
1930R.T. Davies (Non-collegiate)
C.M. Bowra (Wadham)
 1990J. Innes (Somerville)
C. Crouch (Trinity)
P.J. Waller (A) (Merton)
1931A.B. Burrows (Pembroke)
H.W. House (Queens)
 1991J Norbury (Lincoln)
H Morphy (Linacre)
M Mingos (A) (Keble)
1932T.F. Higham (Trinity)
J.G. Edwards (Jesus)
 1992J Iles (St Hugh’s)
M Matthews (University)
D.S. Fairweather (CCC)
1933H.G. Hanbury (Lincoln)
I. Deane-Jones (Merton)
 1993P. M. Allen (St Cross)
E. A. Fallaize (St John’s (dec’d))
J. S. Rowett (A) (Brasenose)
1934G.D. Parkes (Keble)
W.F.R. Hardie (CCC)
 1994J Pallot (Christ Church)
A. Avramides (St Hilda’s)
J. M. Landers (A) (All Souls)
1935W.C. Costin (St. John's)
E.J. Bowen (University)
 1995J. A. Black (Wolfson)
W Macmillan (Hertford)
P.A. Bullock (A) (Balliol)
1936C.H.S. Fifoot (Hertford)
J.I. Mckie (Brasenose)
 1996J. S. T. Garfitt (Magdalen)
J.C. Horder (Worcester)
N. Bowles (A) (St. Anne’s)
1937C.R. Morris (Balliol)
G. Ryle (Ch.Ch)
 1997M. E. Ceadel (New College)
A Volfing (Oriel)
R. Goodman (A) (St Antony's)
1938T.D. Weldon (Magdalen)
R. Pares (All Souls)
 1998R Ainsworth (St Catherine’s)
M Hart (Exeter)
A. Bowie (A) (Queens)
1939A.N. Bryan-Brown (Worcester)
E.H.P. Brown (New College)
S.P. Mccallum (New College)
 1999R. H. A. Jenkyns (L.M.H.)
P. W. Smith (Pembroke)
R. A. Mayou (Nuffield)
1940J.W. Gough (Oriel)
N.H.K.A. Coghill (Exeter)
 2000M. Slater (St Edmund Hall)
R. Sharpe (Wadham)
L.N. Goldman (a) (St Peter’s)
1941R.T. Davies (St. Cath. Soc.)
J.H.C. Thompson (Wadham)
 2001D Womersley (Jesus)
G Walford (Green)
B Ward-Perkins (A) (Trinity)
1942R.B. Mccallum (Pembroke)
J.W. Jones (Queens)
 2002T. P. Softley (Merton)
E. Chapman (Somerville)
S. R. Parkinson (A) (Linacre)
1943A. Ewert (Trinity)
L.R. Cross (Jesus)
 2003D. Hills (Lincoln)
I Archer (Keble)
T. Buchanan (A) (Kellogg)
1944H.G. Hanbury (Lincoln)
H.Q. Newboult (Merton)
 2004J.F. Wheater (University)
Revd Dr J Maltby (Corpus Christi)
D.J. Walker (A) (St Hugh’s
1945C.V. Davidge (Keble)
C.H. Wilson (CCC)
 2005A. Grafen (St John’s)
R. W. Daniel (Brasenose)
F. Pieke (A) (St Cross)
1946R. Slade (St. John's)
G. Alington (University)
 2006S Goss (Wadham)
S Mapstone (St Hilda’s)
K Andreyev (Christ Church)
1947F.M.H. Markham (Hertford)
E.G. Collieu (Brasenose)
 2007J Forder (Balliol)
M Banks (Wolfson)
P Coones (Hertford)
1948D.L. Page (Ch.Ch.)
R.W. Southern (Balliol)
 2008D Fraser (Worcester)
D Harris (St Anne’s)
J Nightingale (Magdalen)
1949T.J. Dunbabin (All Souls)
J.L. Austin (Magdalen)
 2009M Williams (New College)
P Robins (St Antony’s)
J Muddiman (Mansfield)
1950A.B. Brown (Worcester)
J.B. Butterworth (New College)
 2010C Thompson (St Catherine's)
N Bamforth (Queens)
E Eve (A) (HMC)
1951A.G.M. Weddell (Oriel)
W.G. Barr (Exeter)
 2011L Whitehead (Nuffield)
B Rogers (Pembroke)
T Morgan (A) (Oriel)
1952C.B. Naylor (St Peter's)
J.B. Bamborough (Wadham)
 2012H. Dorkins (St Peter’s)
A. Zavatksy (St Edmund Hall)
H. Leith Spencer (A) (Exeter)
1953A.D. Woozely (Queens)
C.N. Ward-Perkins (Pembroke)
 2013J. Mallinson (Trinity)
R. Surender (Green Templeton)
P. Probert Smith (A) (Lady Margaret Hall)
1954M. Maclagan (Trinity)
E.C. Thompson (Jesus)

Dr Kathryn Blackmon (Merton)
Dr Hubert Ertl (Linacre)
Dr Paul Martin (Wadham) 

1955P.D. Watson (Merton)
P.D. Henderson (Lincoln)
 2015 Dr George Garnett (St Hugh's)
Dr Lisa Bendall (Keble)
Dr Patricia Daley (Jesus) 
1956B.G. Mitchell (Keble)
M.G. Frock (CCC)
 2016 Dr Mark Whittow (Corpus Christi)
Dr Elizabeth Gemmill (Kellogg)
Dr Luke Pitcher (Somerville) 
1957W Holmes (St John's)
P.C. Bayley (University)
1958J.A. Barltrop (Brasenose)
C.R. Ross (Hertford)
1959R.N.W. Blake (Ch.Ch)
N.W. Dick (Balliol)
F.L.M. Willis-Bund (Balliol)

Chancellor's Court of Benefactors

The Chancellor’s Court of Benefactors meets annually in the autumn to receive and discuss matters relating to the work of the University. Created in 1991, membership of the Chancellor's Court of Benefactors is a distinction bestowed by the Chancellor, at the request of Council, on those who have made a major contribution to the development of the collegiate University. A formal Ceremony of Admission welcomes new members to the Court.

The Vice-Chancellor's Oration

Annually, the Vice-Chancellor’s Oration is delivered in noughth week of Michaelmas term at a special meeting of Congregation, in Convocation House. Pro-Vice-Chancellors for the coming year are admitted to office at this time. The Vice-Chancellor is also admitted at this ceremony in a year in which the holder of the office changes.

The Glove Ceremony & Court Sermon

Dating back to at least the sixteenth century, it has been the tradition in Oxford for white gloves to be presented to the Judge in Commission by the Vice-Chancellor on behalf of the University and by the Lord Mayor on behalf of the City. This takes place in the Dean’s Drawing Room at Christ Church. After the presentation of the gloves, those present process to the Cathedral for the Court Sermon, where a College Chaplain is usually appointed to preach.

Vice-Chancellor's Admission Ceremony

The Vice-Chancellor’s admission ceremony takes place in the Sheldonian Theatre and is presided over by the Chancellor. It is formally a meeting of Congregation although other guests may be invited also. During the ceremony, the incoming Vice-Chancellor receives the insignia of office and is admitted to the role by the Proctors Professor Louise Richardson was admitted as the 272nd Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford on 12 January 2016.

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