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Reducing toxic mercury emissions

Influencing global policy on mercury

University of Oxford earth scientists with diverse expertise have combined their knowledge to inform national and international policy on mercury, one of the most dangerous environmental pollutants.

Combining cultures

Combining cultures

Taking a traditional Chinese herbal remedy and combining it with western medicine has led to the development and distribution of Artemisinin Combination Therapy, the worlds number one treatment for malaria.

Defeating dengue with GM mosquitoes

Defeating dengue with GM mosquitoes

Dengue fever affects 100 million people, causes 20,000 deaths a year, and there’s no known vaccine -- but Oxford researchers are genetically modifying mosquitoes to eradicate it.

Empowering AIDS-orphaned children in Africa

Improving lives for families affected by HIV and AIDS

The physical and psychological health of children in Sub-Saharan Africa is affected by the prevalence of HIV and AIDS in their communities – but University of Oxford research is changing that.

Transforming the diagnosis of Tuberculosis

Transforming the diagnosis of Tuberculosis

The Oxford designed and developed T-SPOT.TB test accurately, efficiently and effectively diagnoses Tuberculosis with state of the art immunological techniques.

Impact case studies

Reforming the IMF and the World Bank

An Oxford academic has addressed G20 members, Commonwealth heads of government, the European Union and the World Economic Forum at Davos.

Archie Brown

A political life

Alongside a fine academic career, the University of Oxford’s Professor Archie Brown has applied his political research — to help shape international relations and make lasting change.

Impact case studies

How global warming is changing tropical forests

Professor Yadvinder Malhi, is leading a team of scientists researching the impact of climate change on the forests of the Peruvian Andes. His report will influence national and international policymaking.

Professor Rana Mitter.

Helping the UK understand China

Professor Rana Mitter from the University of Oxford is using his expert knowledge of Chinese history to help the government, businesses and the public to understand and engage with contemporary Chinese politics.

Reconnecting indigenous nations with their heritage

Reconnecting indigenous nations with their material heritage

The Blackfoot people of Northern America have reconnected with a key element of their heritage thanks to a unique relationship between the Blackfoot Confederacy and the Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford.