Houses of Parliament
Houses of Parliament
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A series of parliamentary seminars by the University of Oxford exploring the link between the most recent research and public policy making.

If you would like to attend any of these events please contact our Events Office.

Preventing Strokes

The work of Oxford’s Stroke Prevention Research Unit led to major revisions of guidelines on stroke management and prevention. How did this effective relationship between research and policy work, and what are the lessons for academics and policy makers in ensuring continual improvement as a nation in prevention of stroke and other common diseases?

Parliamentary hostBen Howlett MP: Chair of the APPG on Strokes
Oxford speakerProfessor Peter Rothwell

Date and venue

Date and venue to be confirmed. Contact us to register interest and we will keep you informed.


Past events

Police: Symbolic and Effective Guardians?

How far should public perceptions of and trust in the police inform our approach to modern policing?

Parliamentary hostLord Harris of Haringey
Oxford speakerProfessor Ben Bradford

Date and venue

18 October 2016, Committee Room 21, 7pm - 8.30pm

Migration Impacts

Migration has been occurring from the Indian sub-continent into the UK for well over a hundred years. How far can our understanding of the impact on our culture help shape our future policy?

Parliamentary hostVirendra Sharma MP, Chair of the APPG on India
Oxford speakerProfessor Elleke Boehmer

Date and venue

1 November 2016, Grimond Room, 6.30pm - 8pm

The Million Women Study

How a major project reviewing women’s health and running since 1997 has influenced health policy on issues from heart disease to HRT.

Parliamentary hostKevin Barron MP: Chair of the APPG on Primary Care and Public Health
Oxford speakerProfessor Valerie Beral

Date and venue

29 November 2016, Committee Room 6, 4.30pm - 6pm

Understanding the Local in Ukraine and Eastern Europe

Starting from fresh opinion poll research from eastern Ukraine, including among the IDPs, Professor Sasse will discuss the causes and policy implications of the conflict in Ukraine. The discussion will also put the case of Ukraine in comparative perspective by drawing on the experience of other conflicts in the region.

Parliamentary hostSir Gerald Howarth, Chair, APPG on Ukraine
Oxford speakerProfessor Gwendolyn Sasse

Date and venue

23 January 2017, Committee Room 5, 5pm -6.30pm

Making Winners out of Savers

How innovative savings packages in the United States have helped people, who have not traditionally saved, to put money away for the first time.

Parliamentary hostYvonne Fovargue MP: Chair of the Debt and Personal Finance APPG
Oxford speakerProfessor Peter Tufano

Date and venue

24 January 2017, Committee Room 18, 7pm -8.30pm