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Credit: Shutterstock. Can public interest in leopard print fashion be harnessed for the benefit of the animals through a ‘species royalty’ initiative?

Joining the spots: leopard print fashion and big cat conservation

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any passport should reveal if the holder is protected from illness and unable to transmit the virus. Passports would also need to show vaccine efficacy, international acceptance and if it is effective against new or emerging variants. And passports would

Vaccine passports can work but face 12 challenges

Social Sciences
Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences
Technologies deriving from OXGAV will combat biodiversity loss, climate change, confront energy crises, promote human food security, and predict the implications of landscape change, among others. The Studio will also serve as a think-tank for thought lea

On a mission: Innovative solutions to pressing environmental problems

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conservation actions need to move beyond a niche interest of ‘conservationists’, to be incorporated in to the everyday actions and decisions of governments, businesses and individuals

Four Steps for Earth: a holistic approach to saving the planet

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences
Introductions into the UK of the COVID-19 virus

COVID-19 transmission chains in the UK accurately traced using genomic epidemiology

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences
Schematic representation of a processor for matrix multiplications which runs on light. Together with an optical frequency comb, the waveguide crossbar array permits highly parallel data processing.

Light-carrying chips advance machine learning

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences