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EU referendum and Brexit: Analysis

The University of Oxford offers a breadth of academic analysis and expert commentary as Britain’s new relationship with the European Union and wider world takes shape. Faculty members across our academic divisions – Social Sciences, Humanities, Medical Sciences and Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences – discuss the national and global implications, help explain the key processes, pose the most pressing questions, and address significant challenges and opportunities.

Academics throughout the University of Oxford can submit latest EU referendum and Brexit: Analysis articles by contacting the News and Information Office.

Analysis articles (most recent at the top):

Universities and a ‘no-deal’ Brexit: some rather desperate misrepresentations - Sir Noel Malcolm

Europe: the long view - Professor Catriona Seth

A year after voting for Brexit, Britain’s divided, and in uncharted waters - Professor Timothy Garton Ash

Complex Negotiations are Dynamic and Unpredictable - Scot Peterson

Mapping the Brexit vote - Chris Green

Transitional Brexit - Pavlos Eleftheriadis

The voice of the people? - Professor Timothy Garton Ash

A vital reaffirmation of Parliamentary sovereignty - Professor Sandra Fredman

Brexit arithmetics: a logical approach to predicting a Brexit deal - Professor Kalypso Nicolaïdis

Populism on the Rise? - Professor Catherine De Vries

The Brexit Case - Professor Alison Young

The UK research ecosystem - Professor Ian Walmsley

Modern Languages in the UK - Professor Katrin Kohl

Impact of Brexit on Europe-China Relations - Dr Paul Irwin Crookes

The view from abroad - Sir Ivor Roberts

The need for a second referendum - Professor Bo Rothstein

Brexit offers opportunities - Professor Sir John Bell

Rethinking globalisation - Dr Emily Jones

Legislation - Professor Stephen Weatherill

What Hashtags Reveal - Yin Yin Lu

Article 50 - Professor Alison Young

Scotland, Ireland, and Brexit - Professor Iain McLean

Complex negotiations - Tim Cullen

Views from Oxford - Vyacheslav Polonski, Stephen Fisher, Madeleine Sumption, Erik Jones, Philippa Byrne and Katrin Kohl