Professor Tom Higham

Professor of Archaeological Science and Deputy Director, Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit; Fellow of Keble College


Professor Higham's research interests focus on archaeological dating, including the radiocarbon dating of bone, as well as the chronology of Palaeolithic Europe. He is involved in a variety of projects investigating the human occupation of Britain and Europe over the last million years and the potential co-existence of Neanderthals with early modern humans. 


  • Archaeology
  • Radiocarbon dating
  • Neanderthals
  • The prehistory of Polynesia
  • Chronology
  • Archaeological science

Media experience

Professor Higham has extensive media experience. He has presented items for local BBC television, and has worked with many national and international television and radio teams including the BBC, National Geographic and Channel 4. He also has considerable experience with print media.