Professor Jeremias Prassl

Associate Professor in Law; Fellow of Magdalen College


Professor Prassl works in the areas of employment, corporate and European Union law, with a particular focus on civil aviation.

In employment law, he focuses on the regulation of fragmenting labour markets and comparative research into European employment law in times of crisis. He is particularly interested in how employment law responds to new companies, such as Uber, TaskRabbit and UpWorks, which crowdsource labour.

In the arena of civil aviation, he is particularly interested in the interaction of the Montreal Convention of 1999 and EU Regulation 261/2004 in shaping the future of passenger rights.  He also serves on the committee of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Air Law Group.


  • Employment law
  • Zero-hours contracts
  • Outsourced work, temporary work, agency work
  • Employee shareholders ('Shares for Rights')
  • EU law
  • Free movement of people, workers, citizenship
  • Aviation law
  • Passenger rights
  • Montreal Convention and Regulation 261/2004

Media experience

Professor Prassl has media experience. 


English, French, German, Italian