Professor Bob Coecke

Professor of Quantum Foundations, Logics and Structures; Fellow of Wolfson College


Professor Coecke’s research concerns conceptual and mathematical foundations of physics, in particular the use of logic and category theory in this area, with applications in quantum information and computation. He also works on the use of the same structures in other areas, which include linguistics and theory of meaning in general, epistemic logic, and artificial intelligence.

He heads a 30 member multidisciplinary group and co-ordinates a European research network, Foundational Structures in Quantum Information and Computation, which includes most of the leading EU quantum computing groups.


  • Foundations of quantum mechanics
  • Logic and foundations of mathematics, in particular category theory
  • Quantum computer science
  • Diagrammatic languages
  • Dynamic and epistemic logic
  • Mathematical linguistics

Media experience

Professor Coecke has experience of working with the UK and international media. He has appeared on several TV panels in Belgium, and featured in topical shows on art and science in Belgium and Holland.


English, Dutch, Flemish, French