Peter Scarborough

University Research Lecturer, Nuffield Department of Population Health


Peter Scarborough is interested in using population studies to improve nutrition and the relationship between public health and environmental sustainability. He also studies factors influencing our food choices, including food price, food labelling, marketing of foods and food accessibility. 

He leads a research programme that models the relationships between factors such as behavioural risk, medical risk and public health interventions. This has led to the development of the Preventable Risk Integrated ModEl (PRIME), which has been used in several analyses of the role of diet in health, including estimates of the impact of health-related food taxation in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand; achieving dietary recommendations in the UK and Canada; and incorporating the cost of greenhouse gas emissions into food prices in the UK. He was also involved in the development of the nutrient profile model used by Ofcom to regulate the broadcast advertising of foods to children in the UK.

He has also studied the burden of cardiovascular disease and associated risk factors in the United Kingdom, including investigations of regional, social and ethnic inequalities in cardiovascular disease.  He is also involved in work on the links between public health and environmental sustainability, and developing and validating nutrient profile models that provide a definition of unhealthy foods.