Katerina Johnson

DPhil student in Experimental Psychology


Katerina researches the communication between the nervous system and the community of microorganisms living in the gut. Her PhD studies focus on this microbiome-gut-brain axis and its potential to provide novel insights into individual variation in social behaviour and personality. 


  • Microbiome
  • Probiotics & prebiotics
  • Gut bacteria
  • Brain & behaviour
  • Social behaviour
  • Evolution

Media experience

Katerina has considerable experience working with local, national and international media, including live and pre-recorded interviews for television and radio e.g. Sky News, ITV, BBC, Guardian, Telegraph and Time Magazine. She also has work experience in the industry as a researcher for science documentaries for the BBC and National Geographic. Katerina was also chosen to be a TEDx Speaker 2019.

Please visit Dr Johnson's Twitter feed and YouTube channel for current and past media engagement and science communication activities.


English, some French