Dr Stephen Rainey

Research Fellow in Neuroethics


Dr Stephen Rainey is a philosopher who regularly works in interdisciplinary contexts, with neuroscience, technology development, and policy colleagues. His work includes philosophical analysis of concepts relating to the brain, mind, and personhood.

He also works on ethical evaluation of issues where science meets persons. This has included policymaking, especially in the European context, in providing policy advice for new and emerging technologies.

Dr Rainey is currently working on the philosophical and ethical dimensions of brain implants for speech, as well as for brain interventions aiming at changing minds.


  • Brain implants
  • Brain engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence and the brain
  • Emerging technology
  • Neurorights
  • Philosophy, mind, and language
  • Ethics
  • Policy

Media experience

Dr Stephen Rainey has been interviewed on TRT World TV show Roundtable, on brain implants. He has published articles in Irish print media on social and political themes (The Times (Ireland Edition), The Irish Examiner), and has provided background interviews for radio and print articles. Dr Rainey previously also published semi-regularly on European political matters on ‘Presseurop.eu’ (2010-2014, now voxeurop.eu). He holds a City and Guilds Diploma in Print and Broadcast Media, gained through training at the BBC (2010).