Dr Jonathan Leader Maynard | University of Oxford

Dr Jonathan Leader Maynard

Departmental Lecturer in International Relations; Research Associate, Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict


Dr Leader Maynard studies the role of ideology in political violence and armed conflict, especially in mass killings of civilians such as genocides, pogroms, ‘ethnic cleansing’ and terrorism. His work aims to produce a general account of how violence against civilians is made to look justified to those who, in various ways, perpetrate it. His approach draws on a range of disciplines including genocide studies, international relations, political theory, political sociology, intellectual history, social psychology and social epistemology.

His past work has been particularly concerned with historical atrocities in Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and in the military operations of the Western Allies during World War II, but is now increasingly concerned with more contemporary cases, including the Rwandan genocide, violence in the former Yugoslavia, and Islamic fundamentalist terrorism. More generally, he is interested in conflict and atrocity prevention, the study of ideologies, international normative and political theory, and military ethics.