Storing human organs at room temperature

  • OrganOx Limited develops organ preservation technologies invented by Professor Peter Friend and Professor Constantin Coussios in the Nuffield Department of Medicine.
  • The company has developed a revolutionary device for storing livers at normal body temperatures for extended periods of time.
  • It is the very first completely automated liver perfusion device of its kind: the organ is perfused with oxygenated red blood cells at normal body temperature, just as it would be inside the body, and can even be observed making bile, which makes it an extraordinary feat of medical engineering.
  • An initially cold grey liver can be observed flushing with colour once hooked up to the machine and performing exactly as it would within the body.
  • A pivotal clinical study comparing 220 transplanted livers with static cold storage has recently been completed at 7 leading liver transplant centres in Europe. Initial results have already been presented at two major congresses and final trial data are being prepared for publication.