Davos 2018

A force for good

How can learning from our cultural heritage enhance human understanding today and in future? What should we be looking at to inspire new machines capable of performance beyond anything currently found in engineering? When can we harness the sun’s power to meet the basic energy and health needs of the global population? Where are researchers advancing life-saving technologies in surgery? Why do black holes behave in the way they do, and what does this tell us about the formation and evolution of galaxies?

The greatest challenges of the 21st century demand expertise in healthcare, technology, social development and the arts. Oxford University’s ranking as the world’s number one university is based on outstanding international performance across all its academic disciplines. The University’s interdisciplinary approach builds networks of researchers who can bring multi-faceted answers to pressing issues ranging from climate change to the future of work. And, in establishing the Blavatnik School of Government, the University is helping public policy students develop the academic knowledge and professional skills which will address these challenges wherever they arise around the world.