2019-nCov novel coronavirus microscope close up concept
2019-nCov novel coronavirus microscope close up concept
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Coronavirus: Oxford's latest research updates

Researchers across the University of Oxford are at the forefront of global efforts to understand the coronavirus (COVID-19) and protect our communities. From vaccine development to mapping, the work involves more than 20 departments from medicine to humanities. 

Individual response to COVID-19 ‘as important’ as government action

09 March 2020

How individuals respond to government advice on preventing the spread of COVID-19 will be at least as important, if not more important, than government action, according to a new commentary from researchers at the University of Oxford in The Lancet

Our World in Data: Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

07 March 2020

On Our World in Data we focus on the world’s largest problems and how to make progress against them - here is an aggregation of the latest research on the ongoing outbreak of the coronavirus disease [COVID-19].

Outbreak: fighting the coronavirus

13 February 2020

What do a mathematician, an epidemiologist, a vaccine developer, a protein crystallographer and a whole bevy of immunologists and infectious disease specialists have in common? Answer: they’re just some of the Oxford University researchers coming together to fight the coronavirus outbreak.

Oxford team to begin novel coronavirus vaccine research

7 February 2020

A research team at Oxford University’s Jenner Institute is preparing to begin clinical testing of a novel coronavirus vaccine candidate.

International research consortium activates clinical study for coronavirus in England and Scotland

31 January 2020

In response the novel coronavirus emergency, the International Severe Acute Respiratory and emerging Infection Consortium (ISARIC) has activated its Clinical Characterisation Protocol (CCP) for emerging infections in England and Scotland.

The coronavirus outbreak: the central role of primary care in emergency preparedness and response

28 January 2020

Luke Allen et al explore the role of primary care in the coronavirus outbreak (

A novel coronavirus outbreak of global health concern

24 January 2020

Peter Horby et al explore the early implications of the disease (The Lancet).

Clinical research federation responding to coronavirus outbreak

22 January 2020

The International Severe Acute Respiratory and emerging Infection Consortium (ISARIC) is adapting its existing tools, designed for emerging respiratory pathogens, for the current outbreak of global significance. This is an international resource for facilitating the collection of standardised clinical data on patients hospitalised with suspected or confirmed infection with coronavirus.

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