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This site contains the following:

  1. Admissions Statistics supplements: these were published annually in December, January or February, and provided analyses of admissions in the current academic year.
    Note: as from 2010 (statistics relating to 2009 entry) the Admissions Statistics supplement has been discontinued. The statistics are now available online only.
  2. Tables summarising Final Honour School (ie first degree) results: these are published annually and provide a breakdown of the results of the degree examinations held at the end of the preceding academic year. Prior to 1996, these tables give percentages only; from and including 1996 numbers of candidates are given, with percentage figures in parentheses. From 2006 onwards a separate table is provided giving a breakdown of candidate numbers by gender. Further analyses of the figures were added in 2008.
  3. Student Numbers supplements: these are published annually and give a breakdown of the composition of the student body as at the end of the preceding calendar year.

The Admissions Statistics supplements and Final Honour Schools tables are available from 1990. The Student Numbers supplements are available from 1991: the information in the 1991 supplement represents the position as at December 1990.

All files are in PDF format.

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Admissions Statistics

Admission statistics are now published in an interactive format online; data from 2007 onwards can be found at

Admissions Statistics 2013 (756kb) Admissions Statistics 2012 (639kb) Admissions Statistics 2011 (643kb) Admissions Statistics 2010 (556kb) *
Admissions Statistics 2009 (245kb)* Admissions Statistics 2008 (523kb) Admissions Statistics 2007 (894kb)  Admissions Statistics 2006 (232kb)
Admissions Statistics 2005 (1,409kb) Admissions Statistics 2004 (1,205kb) Admissions Statistics 2003 (77kb) Admissions Statistics 2002 (213kb)
Admissions Statistics 2001 (172kb) Admissions Statistics 2000 (48kb) Admissions Statistics 1999 (50kb) Admissions Statistics 1998 (19kb)
Admissions Statistics 1997 (48kb) Admissions Statistics 1996 (49kb) Admissions Statistics 1995 (49kb) Admissions Statistics 1994 (49kb)
Admissions Statistics 1993 (48kb) Admissions Statistics 1992 (50kb)  Admissions Statistics 1991 (49kb) Admissions Statistics 1990 (48kb)

* The link is not to a Gazette supplement, but is included here for convenience.

Final Honour Schools

Final Honour Schools 2014 (619kb) Final Honour Schools 2015 (230kb) Final Honour Schools 2016 (252kb)  
Final Honour Schools 2010 (312kb) Final Honour Schools 2011 (701kb) Final Honour Schools 2012 (694kb) Final Honour Schools 2013 (710kb)
Final Honour Schools 2009 (210kb) Final Honour Schools 2008 (218kb)  Final Honour Schools 2007 (28kb)  Final Honour Schools 2006 (97kb) 
Final Honour Schools 2005 (12kb) Final Honour Schools 2004 (15kb)  Final Honour Schools 2003 (78kb) Final Honour Schools 2002 (86kb)
Final Honour Schools 2001 (97kb) Final Honour Schools 2000 (81kb) Final Honour Schools 1999 (13kb) Final Honour Schools 1998 (49kb)
Final Honour Schools 1997 (48kb) Final Honour Schools 1996 (47kb) Final Honour Schools 1995 (25kb) Final Honour Schools 1994 (25kb)
Final Honour Schools 1993 (25kb) Final Honour Schools 1992 (30kb) Final Honour Schools 1991 (31kb)  Final Honour Schools 1990 (28kb)

Student Numbers

Student Number supplements 2008–

Student Numbers 2012: (1) to No 5017 (758kb) Student Numbers 2013 - (1) to No 5049 (763kb) Student Numbers 2014 - (1) to No 5083 (781kb) Student Numbers 2015 - (1) to No 5124 (234kb) Student Numbers 2016 - (1) to No 5160 (223kb)
Student Numbers 2008 (179kb) Student Numbers 2009 (3,721kb) Student Numbers 2010 (1,274kb)   Student Numbers 2010-2011: (2) to No. 4945.pdf (1,327kb)   Student Numbers 2011 (1) to No. 4978 (1,267kb)  

Student number supplements 1991–2007


















Key to the tables 1991–2007

Table I: Students in Residence
Table IIa: Division between Undergraduates and Postgraduates, Arts and Science
Table IIb: Students in Residence: Division between Undergraduates/Postgraduates, Arts/Science, Home/Overseas, and Men/Women
Table IIc:
Until and including 1994: Home and EC Student Planning Numbers
From and including 1995: Distribution of Students by Country of Origin
Table IId (until and including 1994 only): Distribution of Students by Country of Origin
Table III:
Until and including 2001: Distribution of Postgraduates by Faculty Board and Degree
From and including 2002: Distribution of Postgraduates by Division, Unit and Degree
Table IV: Students in Residence: Division by College
Table V: Number of Undergraduates Matriculating to Read for First Degrees

Note: Until the academic year 2007–8 the Student Numbers supplement was usually published in the Gazette in July; from 2008–9 it has appeared in Hilary term. It represents the position as at 1 December in the calendar year before publication.

Further information can be found on the Academic Administration Division Website (Student Statistics).

All information copyright © the University of Oxford.