How to submit items for publication in the Gazette

The Gazette publishes a variety of notices submitted by and on behalf of the collegiate University, some of which are official notices and some unofficial. If you have a notice you would like us to publish, please see below for details of how and when to send us your notice and the style and format to use.

At the bottom of the page is a list of types of notice which we publish, and some suggested alternative publication options for those we are unable to accept.

How and where to send items


We prefer to receive items for publication in the Gazette by email – please send them to Please ensure that, if at all possible, you send submissions in a format from which we can copy the text. You can include your text in the body of the email itself, or as an attachment – preferably an editable Word document. This saves us time and prevents transcription errors if we have to retype submissions. We prefer such text formats to scanned PDFs and images, as these have to be completely retyped (and are often in the wrong format anyway; please see various sections below for the format required for each type of notice). However, if you have no alternative but to send these, we would still much rather receive them by email than hard copies sent via internal post.

Hard copy

If you only have a notice in hard copy, please scan and email it if you can rather than putting it in the internal post. Sometimes delays caused by the messenger service can prevent items appearing in the issue of your choice, and very occasionally items are irretrievably lost. If you email your submission to us, we will always acknowledge its receipt and confirm which issue of the Gazette it will appear in.

Sending hard copies of GSO.9 forms for viva voce examinations through the internal mail can result in them arriving too late to be published in the Gazette (see 'Deadlines' section below for examples of when these notices need to reach us); this is disappointing for the candidate and involves extra work for the examiner. A Word version of the GSO.9 form is available from the Research Degrees team (

Deadline for submissions

Publication dates

The Gazette is published on Thursdays each week in term time (see Gazette publication dates 2017-18 (124kb) for the dates of this year's issues).

We publish from -2nd week to 9th week in Michaelmas term, from 0th week to 10th week in Hilary term and from 0th week to 14th week in Trinity term. However, the issues of -2nd week in Michaelmas and 10th week in Hilary terms are restricted to Council/Congregation business and changes to Examination Regulations, and there is no issue in 13th week of Trinity term.

Submission deadlines

The deadline for us to receive items for inclusion in a particular issue is noon on Wednesday of the week before publication. Please note that notices of viva voce examinations must be published in an issue of the Gazette dated at least one day before the date of the examination, so if the exam is on a Thursday we need to publish the notice in the issue of the previous week, bringing the deadline in this case to 15 days before the date of the examination.

Example deadlines

  • The deadline for us to receive items for publication in the issue of 23 November 2017 is noon on 15 November 2017.
  • The last deadline for us to receive most items for publication during Hilary term 2018 is noon on 7 March 2017 (because they must be published in the 15 March issue, the 22 March issue being restricted to Council/Congregation notices and Examination Regulation changes)
  • A notice of a viva voce examination taking place on Thursday, 12 October 2017 must reach us by noon on 27 September 2017 (because it needs to be published in the 5 October issue to comply with the regulations: see

Publication dates for notices

As a general rule, we will publish items in the next issue of the Gazette for which the deadline has not yet passed. This means that, for example, items received between noon on Wednesday in 1st week and noon on Wednesday in 2nd week will be published in the Gazette of 3rd week.

We will always try to include urgent (time-critical) or important items which arrive after the deadline if we have space to do so and time before the Gazette goes to print.

However, we don't always have the time or the space to accommodate late items – the number of pages in the Gazette varies from week to week, depending on the amount of content we receive, but must always be in multiples of four pages. If an item will push a section on to another column, which pushes the publication on to another page, we regret that we will have to delay publication until the following issue (which may, of course, be too late for upcoming events).

This also means that we will occasionally delay publication of a non-urgent item to make space for late-arriving urgent ones – for instance, we may delay publication of an obituary notice to make space for a viva voce examination happening that week, or delay notice of a lecture happening in a few weeks' time to make space for one happening the following week. We will let you know if that happens.

Changes to publication dates/submission deadlines

Occasionally we need to change the date of publication or the deadline for submission; this is usually caused by bank holidays (especially around Easter). If this happens, we will publish a notice in the 'General Notices' section of the Gazette and on the front page of our website to explain the alternative arrangements.

Items of content the Gazette publishes (alphabetical list)

Below is an alphabetical listing of all of the types of content we are able to publish in the Gazette, with links to information on how to submit these to us. There are also notes on items we've previously been asked to publish but which are not appropriate for publication in the Gazette (with suggestions of more appropriate publications, where applicable).






Call for Papers

Classified adverts

College fellowship elections

College obituaries


Conferments of title

Courses/training: there are so many courses offered across the University that we can't publish details of all of them. If your course falls under one of the top two categories below, please email with the details to discuss your options with us:

  • courses relevant to a large section of the University community (eg training for admissions interviewing): we publish full notices in the main Gazette
  • courses of interest to the wider University community: we offer a free classified advertisement
  • courses of limited interest to anyone other than professionals in the field: we regret that we can't advertise these in the Gazette.


Distinction, Recognition of

DPhil vivas


Elections to college fellowships


Examination Regulations

Exams (viva voce)



Fellowship appointments (colleges)

Funding opportunities


Graduate awards/prizes


Higher degrees: these notices are sent to us by the Research Degrees Team.

Honours: the Gazette does not publish notices of honours, awards or similar marks of distinction. These are published in Blueprint, the University's staff newsletter; please email details to


Job vacancies




MPhil/MSc/MSt exams (viva voce)

Musical and other events


Obituaries: these notices are sent to us by colleges.

Oral exams (viva voce)


Papers, Call for



Recognition of Distinction

Regulations for Examinations





Visiting Professors

Viva voce examinations

Text formatting for submissions

Items published in the Gazette are formatted according to our house style; many of these are in a shortened format with a link to a website for full information.

As we have very little time in which to turn each issue around, we really appreciate it if items sent to us for publication are formatted according to our style so that we don't have to rewrite content before sending it to be typeset. (Don't worry about using bold or italics in your submissions to us; it's just the text we need to be in the correct format.)

This is particularly important if you are sending us something urgent after our deadline; we will always try to find space for it in the next issue of the Gazette but our print deadline is absolute and is not set by us, so if the content is not in a useable format we are less likely to be able to include it.

The format in which we print items is detailed below (in the order in which they appear in the Gazette) – more complicated formats which require multiple examples are on linked pages).

Appointments/Visiting Professorships/Recognition of Distinction announcements

Please style these announcements as follows, noting the style of degrees in particular (for further information on how to style postnominals, see the Calendar Style Guide 2017 (390kb) pp2–6). If you are sending us details of more than one person in the same category (eg multiple appointees or multiple visiting professors) please list them in alphabetical order by department, or seniority by position, and then by surname.

Please note that notices in the Gazette do not list fellowships of learned societies (eg FBA, FRS) or memberships of professional bodies.

  • Appointments/reappointments/conferments of title


Jenkins Professorship of Chinese

Roberta Flack
, PhD Camb, Professor of Chinese History, Brunel University, has been appointed to the Jenkins Professorship of Chinese in the Faculty of Oriental Studies with effect from 1 January 2015. Professor Flack will be a fellow of Lady Margaret Hall.

  • Visiting Professorships

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

The Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Board has reconferred the title of Visiting Professor in Engineering Science upon Samuel Adams, MA Oxf, PhD Camb, Professor of Engineering, University of Greenwich, for a period of 3 years from 1 January 2015.

The Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Board has conferred the title of Visiting Professor in Physics upon Thérèse Raquin, BSc Plym, DPhil Oxf, Professor of Physics, Plymouth University, for a period of 3 years from 1 January 2015.

  • Recognition of Distinction

Medical Sciences

The following title has been conferred on behalf of the Recognition of Distinction Committee:

Moore, P, BSc Leeds, PhD Lond, Student of Christ Church, Professor of Geography with effect from 1 September 2012.

Graduate Awards and Prizes

Please note that:

  1. the Gazette only publishes details of awards/prizes given to postgraduate students, not undergradutes
  2. details of prizewinning students are published in the print Gazette and the online version open to University members (which requires a single sign-on account to read) and not in the publicly available online version.

Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences

Department of Computer Science

Tyrell Corporation Travelling Scholarship

The 2012 Tyrell Corporation Travelling Scholarship, for the purpose of conducting research in artificial intelligence, has been awarded to Johnny Five, Corpus Christi.

Medical Sciences

Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences

Billy Mahoney Prize in Neuroscience

The 2012 Billy Mahoney Prize in Neuroscience has been awarded to Peter Venkman, Magdalen. Proxime accessit: Egon Spengler, St Anne's.

Call for Papers

Notices calling for papers are only published for conferences etc organised by the collegiate University. Please format them following the example below, ensuring that you include a website address for full information on submitting abstracts etc:

Institute of Population Ageing

An Emerging Researchers Conference will take place 26–28 September to mark the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the institute. Deadline for abstracts: 24 March. Deadline for registration: 31 March. More information:

Subject: 'Demography, ageing and health'

Musical and other Events

Please format notices for musical events following the below examples as closely as possible, adding any further information as necessary. If there is a lot more information you want to give people, please provide a website or email address for anyone interested to obtain the rest of the information. These examples show the format for both a series of musical events and a single event:

Harris Manchester

Thursday lunchtime recital series

The following events will take place at 1.30pm at Harris Manchester. Admission free, with retiring collection. More information, and to book:

1 May: Fiona Bruce, traditional music
8 May: Moira Stuart, organ
15 May: Trevor Macdonald, organ
22 May: Jon Snow, organ
29 May: Krishnan Guru-Murthy, baritone

St John's

Organ Recital

Phillip Schofield will perform works by Bach at 5.30pm on 2 June in St John's chapel. Free admission; tickets/programmes available from main lodge one week before the performance.


Please provide: the title of the exhibition; whose work it is (if appropriate); the opening times, dates and location of the exhibition; the cost (if any) of entry; and contact details where further information can be obtained. Please style the notice as in the following examples, noting how to write months and times in particular.

'Photographs from Birmingham' by John Leslie, 5–7pm daily, 6–24 February at Wolfson. Visitors are asked to ring the lodge beforehand (Oxford 274100).

Bodleian Libraries
28 Jan–13 May: The romance of the middle ages
7–29 Jan: Ragtime to riches, a musical legacy at the Bodleian Library
3 Feb–4 Mar: 36 Kasen: the thirty-six immortals of Japanese poetry
10 Mar–8 Apr: Haydn à l'anglaise: his songs in late-18th-century England – including some he did not know he had written
1 Mar, 10am–4pm, Divinity School: Jane Austen: a literary genius at work

Lectures, seminars, conferences etc

See separate PDF with instructions and examples:

Please note that the bulk of our lecture/seminar announcements is published in a supplement in 0th week each term; the normal deadline applies to this supplement (see above). We recommend that these announcements are published in the supplement if at all possible, even if not all the information about them is quite ready, as people use the supplement to plan their attendances for the term.

We continue to publish lecture notices throughout term for any events arranged too late for inclusion in the supplement, or for updated information on events which were included in the supplement (changed or newly announced time/venue/date/speaker/title); please email these to us, formatted as above, and we will publish them in the earliest possible issue of the Gazette.

For details on how to submit an announcement calling for papers, see Call for Papers above.

Viva voce examination notifications

Please note that viva notices must be published in the Gazette dated at least one day before the date of the exam itself; an exam on 26 October 2017 can be published at the latest in the issue of 12 October 2017, for instance. If there is no Gazette before the date of the exam, either during the vacations or because it was arranged too late to be included in the previous week's issue, the alternative method of publication will need to be used: We will always let you know if this is necessary when we receive notice of the viva.

If you can send us the information about the viva in an email, it reduces delays and makes it more likely that it will arrive in time for inclusion in an appropriate Gazette. You can scan the GSO.9 form or send us the information in the body of an email (this is our preferred method). Please provide: the type of examination (eg DPhil, MSc by research); the division; the candidate's name, college and thesis title; the place, date and time of the exam; and the names of the examiners. A Word version of the GSO.9 form is available from the Research Degrees team (, and this is preferred as they will complete most of the details for you. In an absolute emergency situation, a blank form can be downloaded here: Blank GSO.9 (54kb).


B'Elanna Torres, Magdalen: 'The importance of vowels in modern Klingon'
Examination Schools, 10 June, 9am
Examiners: R Smith, A Mills

Changes to Examination Regulations

See separate page for instructions:

Elections to college fellowships etc

Please send lists separated into type of fellowship and then in alphabetical order by surname, as below (don't worry about the bold/italic/indents – this is just for illustrative purposes). If you would like to include subject information as well, please do (but it's not essential).


Professorial Fellowships

Charlotte Brontë, BA York, 19th-century English Literature
Emily Brontë, BA Sheff

Honorary Fellowships

Charles Dickens, BA UCL
Laurence Sterne, MA Oxf

Non-stipendiary Research Fellowships

Jane Austen, BA Bath, English Literature
Miguel de Cervantes, PhD Madrid, Golden-Age Spanish Literature
Friedrich Schiller, Diplom Goethe Frankfurt


For former students, please provide: the full name of the deceased person (including any other names by which they were known), the date of their death, any scholarships etc they held, the date of their matriculation and their age when they died. If any of this information is unknown, just omit it.

For fellows/emeritus fellows, please also provide details of the posts they held with dates (and details of the colleges at which these posts were held, if different).

If providing a list of obituaries, please order them alphabetically by surname.

Felicity Fiona Frank (née Filton), 12 December 2011; Exhibitioner 1928. Aged 101.

Pauline Patricia Proust, 1 January 2012; Lecturer, Merton 1998–2001; Fellow 2001–8, Emeritus Fellow 2008–12, New College. Aged 63.

Obituary notices are sent to us by colleges; please contact the college to which the deceased person was linked for queries about individual obituaries.

Classified Advertisements

If you want to advertise something on behalf of a department or college (eg seeking research study participants, letting a college-owned house, advertising an event) there is no charge for an advertisement of up to 70 words. We will include it in one issue per term, if it's a recurring event/notice, or three issues in any one term for a one-off notice; if you need it to be run more often than that, you will need to pay for additional insertions.

We can also publish a logo or other picture to accompany the advert in the online edition. Please email your text and picture to

If you are advertising something on your own or someone else's behalf, a charge will be made; see separate page for details:

Notifications of Prizes, Grants and Funding offered

We publish these notices in a very shortened format, to note that the funding/prize exists and to provide a link to a website or an email address where full information can be found.

Please list: the name of the body offering the prize or funding; the name of the prize/grant/funding award; brief entry requirements/conditions; brief eligibility criteria; amount offered; closing date for applications; link to website and/or email address where further details can be obtained.

  • Bodleian Libraries; Gordon Duff Prize; for an unpublished essay on any of the following subjects: bibliography, palaeography, typography, book-binding, book illustration, the science of books and manuscripts, and the arts relating thereto; open to all members of the University; £500; topics must be submitted by 6 May and complete essays received by 5 August;

Notifications of Vacancies

We publish these notices in a very shortened format, to note that the opening exists and to provide a link to a website or an email address where full information can be found.

Please list: the name of institution where the vacancy exists; job title; salary (or that the post is non-stipendiary); closing date for applications; link to website or email address where further details can be obtained. If the salary is sensitive or open to negotiation, this can be omitted. We will also include notices from employment agencies acting on behalf of a college, as long as the college is the employer.