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What kind of advertisements does the Gazette publish?

The Gazette carries only classified advertisements (text only in the print publication; text and an optional accompanying illustration in the online edition). Display advertisements are published in the Gazette's companion publication, the University's staff magazine Blueprint (; please see for information.

Official announcements from University departments and colleges should not be submitted as paid advertisements but should be emailed directly to the Gazette office (email:; no charge is made for these. This includes job adverts from Oxford and Cambridge Universities and their constituent colleges. See for further details.

What is the deadline for submission of advertisments?

Our copy deadline is noon on Wednesday of the week before publication. See the list on the right for this term's publication dates and deadlines.

  • Example: for your advertisement to be published in the issue of 1 December 2016, you must have placed and paid for it by noon on Wednesday, 23 November.

Who can advertise?

We publish advertisements from companies and people advertising services for profit (commercial advertisers), and also from individuals advertising personally and not for profit (private advertisers).

Am I a commercial or a private advertiser?

Commercial advertisers are those who are advertising a (potentially or actually) profit-making business, property or service. If you would be liable to pay income tax or capital gains tax on profits from the business or service you are advertising, you are a commercial advertiser. Note that you can normally offset the cost of advertising against your income if, for example, you let out holiday accommodation. The online shop for commercial advertisers is here:

Examples of commercial advertisements

  • Renting out property, such as holiday lets or a second property
  • Offering tuition in any subject as a professional tutor or trainer
  • Offering any kind of professional service (eg cleaning, building, driving, physiotherapy etc)
  • Buying/selling goods as a business (eg buying second-hand books, cars etc with the intention of selling them on)

Private advertisers are those who will make no profit or taxable income from responses to their advertisement. Non-profit organisations, such as other universities and schools, are also classed as private advertisers. The online shop for private advertisers is here:

Examples of private advertisements

  • Selling your own possessions (eg unwanted furniture, cars, books)
  • Selling your current home in order to buy a new one
  • Renting out your own home while you're away for a short period
  • Renting a room in your own house to a lodger or paying guest
  • Seeking a service, such as tutoring or a home help, for your own benefit
  • Seeking to buy items for your own use (eg buying books for your own collection or a car to drive yourself)#
  • Seeking staff to work at a non-profit organisation

These lists are not exhaustive; they aim to give a rough guide. If you are uncertain about which category you fall into, or have any other questions, please contact us.

Please note that if you place an advertisement at the private advertiser rate but your advert relates to commercial activity, we may refuse to run your advert.

How much does it cost to advertise in the Gazette?

Commercial advertisers

Cost per insertion of your advertisement:

  • The basic cost of a 70-word advertisement in a single issue is £30
  • A £10 discount applies to advertisements which are in the online edition of the Gazette only
  • An advertisement of between 70 and 150 words costs £60, but a £20 online discount may be applied

Print and online:

 Cost per insertion
Up to 70 words £30
71–150 words £60

Online only:

 Cost per insertion
Up to 70 words £20
71–150 words £40

Commercial advertisers please note: if you want to advertise for 24 weeks per year or more, a substantial discount is available. Email us at to arrange this. Do not pay online in this case; the discounted rate is not available online.

Private advertisers

Cost per insertion of your advertisement:

  • The basic cost of a 70-word advertisement in a single issue is £20
  • A £10 discount applies to advertisements which are in the online edition of the Gazette only
  • An advertisement of between 70 and 150 words costs £40, but a £20 online discount may be applied

Print and online:

 Cost per insertion
Up to 70 words £20
71–150 words £40

Online only:

 Cost per insertion
Up to 70 words £10
71–150 words £20


Any advertisement placed  by or on behalf of any part of the collegiate University can be advertised free of charge (eg college-owned property to let, or research projects seeking participants). If you think that this applies to your advertisement, please email

Where have the discounted rates gone?

  • We had to increase our prices for the 2014–15 academic year, to reflect the increased cost of producing print publications, but we did not want to discourage people from placing single advertisements. As twice as many advertisers advertised with us last year for one or two issues compared with those advertising in three or more issues, we decided to abolish the discounted rates previously available for longer-term advertisements, rather than increase the basic cost of advertising for everyone.
  • Rather than provide the historically available discount to University members, we have reduced the cost of advertising for private advertisers, and increased it for commercial advertisers, to encourage one-off advertisers.

How do I place and pay for an advertisement?

Advertisements must be submitted and paid for online via the University's online shop:

If you are having any difficulty with the online shop, click here for detailed instructions [opens in a new window].

Payment can only be made by credit or debit card; please note that the online shop will transfer you to a secure website to process your transaction. For further information on the security of the site, see

Once you have placed and paid for your advertisement, you will receive an email notification confirming the transaction.

Where and when will my advertisement will be published?

  • Your advertisement will be published in the next issue/s of the Gazette for which the deadline has not yet passed: see table on the right for the deadline for each issue of the Gazette this term.
    • The online shop has a specific text box for you to specify the issue/s in which you want your advertisement to appear (eg if you are placing your advertisement three times, you might want it to run in the first issue each month instead of in consecutive issues).
  • Your advertisement will be published in both the print and online editions of the Gazette (unless you have paid only for online publication).
    • If you only want your advertisement to be published in the print Gazette, please place and pay for it first and then email to let us know.

What classification will my advertisement be published in?

  • Your advertisement will be printed in the classification which appears to the editor to be most relevant to your advertisement. If an appropriate classification does not currently exist, your advertisement will be placed in the 'Miscellaneous' section.
  • Current classifications used:
    • Miscellaneous
    • Research participants sought
    • Antiques bought and sold
    • Restoration and conservation of antique furniture
    • Sell your unwanted books
    • Services offered
    • Domestic services
    • Tuition offered
    • Situations vacant
    • Situations sought
    • Houses to let
    • House swaps
    • Flats to let
    • Accommodation offered
    • Accommodation sought
    • Self-catering accommodation
    • Office space available
    • Holiday lets
    • Property for sale
    • Items for sale
  • If your advertisement could fall under more than one classification (eg you are looking for either a house swap or a house to rent), place and pay for your advert and then email to let us know which section you would prefer.
  • Advertisements are placed in their classifications in the order in which they were placed and paid for (the earliest-received advertisement being at the top of its classification).

Can I have a picture to go with my advertisement?

  • The online version of your advertisement may be accompanied by one small photograph or other illustration of your choice. Commercial advertisers may have a logo instead.
  • You must supply the image to be used, and it will be resized and/or cropped if required to fit the University's standard for online pictures. By supplying a picture, you warrant:
    • that you have the right to license all rights in and to the images
    • that a licence in respect of that image has been granted to the University of Oxford and Oxford University Press for use exclusively in the relevant advertisement
    • that the images do not infringe any intellectual property rights of any third parties
    • that all necessary consents of any persons featured in the images were secured at the time the images were captured.
  • There is no additional charge for having a picture/logo; please place and pay for your advertisement online first and then forward that email, attaching your picture (preferably as a .jpg), to so that we can match your picture and text.
  • Note that pictures cannot be included in the print version of the Gazette.

Terms and conditions

  • Advertisements which break the Terms and Conditions of Acceptance of Advertisements will not be published. It is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions before you place your advert. Submission of an advertisement implies acceptance of our terms and conditions. Note in particular this clause from the terms and conditions:

13. The advertiser warrants:

(i) Not to discriminate against any respondents to an advertisement published in the Gazette on the basis of their gender, sexual orientation, marital or civil partner status, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability or age, or pregnancy.

  • The editor has the right to refuse to publish any advertisement. A refund of payment will be made in this case.
  • Please make sure that you stick to the word limit. Advertisements which break the word limit will be edited down to fit.
  • All adverts may be edited to house style (eg '£500 per week' may be changed to '£500 pw' or 'September, October, November and December' may be changed to 'Sept–Dec'.

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