Council and Main Committees

  • Thursday 30 November 2017
  • NO. 5188
  • VOL. 148

Council of the University

Declaration of approval of nomination of external member of Council


Charles Harman was approved as an external member of Council as of 16 November, and the issues of the Gazette which refer to this appointment (published on 9, 16 and 23 November) stated that he would begin his term in Michaelmas term 2017. His term on Council will in fact start on 1 January 2018, and will run until Hilary term 2020 in the first instance.

Congregation28 November

(1) Presentation of Vice-Chancellor's Oration

The Oration delivered by the Vice-Chancellor on 3 October was declared presented.

The Oration was published as Supplement (1) to Gazette No 5180, 5 October 2017.

(2) Declaration of Approval of changes to Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002: Conduct of Business in Congregation

No notice of opposition having been given, the Vice-Chancellor declared the changes to Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002: Conduct of Business in Congregation approved.

Council of the University

Register of Congregation

The Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Baldwin, E C, Hertford

Billett, S, Finance Division

Dembo, A, Nuffield

Fleming, S G, St Catherine's

Flemming, J C, Nuffield

Hubner, S, Nuffield

Jann, O, Nuffield

Kets, W, Queen's

Kock, A B, St Hilda's

McMahon, M F, St Hugh's

Ncube, M, Faculty of Management

Nei, S M, Nuffield

Osprey, S M, Subdepartment of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Planetary Physics

Ronayne, D J F, Nuffield

Rousakis, M, Merton

Teytelboym, A, St Catherine's 

Divisional and Faculty Boards

For changes in regulations for examinations see 'Examinations and Boards' below.