• Thursday 2 November 2017
  • NO. 5184
  • VOL. 148

Consultative Notices

Medical Sciences Division

Review of the degree of Doctor of Medicine

The Medical Sciences Board will undertake a review of the degree of Doctor of Medicine (DM), in response to recommendations arising from the recent University review of higher degrees. The review will take place on 21 December, and will be chaired by the Associate Head of Division (Education), Professor David Vaux. A copy of the terms of reference for the review is set out below.

Terms of Reference of the Review Panel

(1) To consider whether the Medical Sciences Division and University should continue to offer the degree of Doctor of Medicine (DM), having regard to:

(a) purpose: whether the offering of this award is important for the academic strategy of the Medical Sciences Division and University, or uniquely meets any other need;

(b) practice across the sector: whether universities continue to offer the DM, and if so whether it is offered only as an initial doctorate;

(c) value for the individual: whether the value of the award to the individual has changed over time, given the universality of the PhD as a qualification for academia, and the widespread award of professorial titles.

(2) To consider on what terms the University should continue to offer the degree of Doctor of Medicine, in particular:

(a) the qualifications of a person eligible to be considered;

(b) the criteria for their award;

(c) the relationship between the DM and the DPhil;

(d) the role and duties of the examiners, the process for their appointment and the responsibility for final decisions;

(e) the best management of the awards;

(f) regulations for the degree, including clarification of: ownership and oversight; the role of the Proctors; provision for an appeals process.

(3) To make recommendations to the Medical Sciences Board and to University Education Committee, in the light of (1) and (2), as to whether the University should continue to offer the DM and the terms and scope of any continuation of provision, or the timing of any discontinuation of provision, having regard to the implications for both the wider University and individual candidates.

The review panel would welcome written comments on matters falling within its terms of reference. These should be sent to Ms Jane Dale, Senior Assistant Registrar (Education), Medical Sciences Divisional Office, Level 3, John Radcliffe Hospital, (email: by 8 December.

General Notices

van Houten Fund

The van Houten Bequest is a fund left by the late Georges van Houten in the 1960s to be used for the benefit of the University. Bids are now being invited for grants to support projects that can be shown to offer a broad strategic benefit to the University, but that do not form part of the normal day-to-day operations of a department and would not easily be funded from other regular sources.

Grants to applicants from within the University are usually in the region of £2,000–£12,000, either given as a one-off award, or spread over two or three years. Grants are also available to organisations external to the University; in such cases, the amounts awarded are usually lower and there is a cap on the total amount of funding made available to external organisations, which is £25,000 for the current financial year. Projects which would more appropriately be supported from the University’s Community scheme ( will be advised to apply to that fund.

The most recent invitation to bid, in November 2016, attracted 12 applications and resulted in awards for ten of those. Grants awarded within the last year have included:

  • career support for the partners of University staff new to Oxford;
  • creation of videos showcasing the work done to improve accessibility and highlight the experiences of students at Oxford living with a disability.

The guidelines by which bids are assessed are as follows:

1 Bids for grants will be assessed according to the breadth of the benefit to the University offered by the project in question, the strategic importance of the project to the University and the availability of funds. Only in exceptional circumstances will a grant be awarded in respect of a project which benefits a single department.

2 Grants will not ordinarily be awarded for purposes for which other trust fund (or similar) support exists within the University, for example the funding of academic scholarships, regardless of whether or not the alternative fund(s) in question are in a position to fund the expenditure proposed.

3 Grants will not ordinarily be awarded in respect of costs for which a department might reasonably be expected to hold a budget.

4 Grants will not ordinarily be agreed in respect of recurrent activities except to provide:

(a) seed funding to support an activity in its first one to three years; or

(b) bridging support for one year only where a source of funding is lost and the department/faculty in question is confident that an alternative can be found for the following year.

5 Grants will not ordinarily cover the full cost of a project. Departments will be expected to make some contribution, or to use the grant secured by the van Houten Fund to assist in securing other funding (including external funding).

6 The extent to which funds may be awarded to external organisations each financial year may be subject to an upper limit, to be set by the General Purposes Committee and reviewed on an annual basis.

The bids will be considered by the Registrar as a gathered field. Bids should be made on the application form which is available from the Secretary of the Fund or from the van Houten Fund webpage: Applications should be sent, preferably as a Word document attached to an email, to the Secretary, Mrs Adrienne Lingard, by 30 November.

Further information may be obtained from Mrs Lingard via telephone (Oxford 616172), email ( or at the University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford, OX1 2JD. The next invitation to bid will be in Michaelmas term 2018.

Electoral Boards

Composition of an Electoral Board

The composition of the electoral board to the post below, proceedings to fill which are currently in progress, is as follows:

Professorship of Socio-Legal Studies

  Appointed by
Professor S Whatmore The Vice-Chancellor1
Professor M Banks  President of Wolfson 
Professor R Goodman  Social Sciences Division 
Professor A Davies  Law Faculty 
Dr M Kurkchiyan  Law Faculty 
Professor M van der Woude  Law Faculty 
Professor I Loader  Council 
Professor C Menkel-Meadow  Council 
Professor K McEvoy  Council 
Dr B Lange  Wolfson 

1Appointed by the Vice-Chancellor under the provisions of Statute IX, Sect 10 and 11.

Musical and other Events

St Hugh's

A poetry performance will take place at 7.30pm on 9 November in Maplethorpe Hall. Poets include: Patience Agbabi and Victoria Adukwei Bulley. Free but registration required:

Title: 'The space between us: female poets on time, place and identity'

St Stephen's House

SJE Arts

The following events will take place at SJE Arts, St John the Evangelist church, 109A Iffley Road. More information and tickets: or 01865 613507.

4 Nov: newChoir: Baroque Tribute, including Handel's magnificent Anthem for Queen Caroline's Funeral

11 Nov: Sansara Consort: Byrd, Tavener, Pärt and Robert White's Lamentations (a5) to mark Remembrance Day.

17 Nov: James Lisney: Schubert Series – Sonata in D, D850 (SJE Arts International Piano Series 2017)

18 Nov: Come and Sing with Bob Chilcott! and Oxford Bach Choir

19 Nov: Lucy Rose: Something's Changing

25 Nov: Maki Sekiya, piano: Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition in celebration of her Green Templeton College residency

29 Nov: Oxford Community Spirit of Christmas: carol concert featuring Dragon School choir in aid of Muscular Dystrophy UK