• Thursday 2 November 2017
    • NO. 5184
    • VOL. 148


    Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages

    Oxford Dante Society: Paget Toynbee Lecture                                   

    A roundtable will be held at 5pm on 7 November in the Taylor Institution featuring Peter Hainsworth, Nick Havely and David Robey. All welcome; followed by refreshments. More information: richard.cooper@bnc.ox.ac.uk.

    Subject: 'Dante today: readers and audiences'

    Modern Greek seminar

    The following seminars will be held at 5pm on Thursdays in Ground Floor Lecture Room 1, 47 Wellington Square, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages. Supported by an AS Onassis Foundation special grant.

    Alecos Kazamias, Coventry

    2 Nov: 'The visual politics of fear: images of anti-communist propaganda in post-war Greece'

    Fiona Antonelaki, KCL

    9 Nov: ' "The generation of the 1930s" and the Greek literary canon: new evidence, new questions'

    Dimitris Dalakoglou, VU Amsterdam

    16 Nov: 'Heavy metal, conspiracy theories and neo-nazism in contemporary Greece'

    Kristina Gedgaudaite

    23 Nov: 'Memory wars and their ideologies: Asia Minor in contemporary Greek culture'

    David Roessel, Stockton

    30 Nov: 'An Englishman and an American with the Greek Resistance: the wartime experience of Colonel CM Woodhouse and Major Jerry Wines in memoir and fiction'

    Subfaculty of Spanish research seminars

    The following seminars will take place at 5pm on Tuesdays in Room 2, Taylor Institution, unless otherwise noted.

    Mila López-Peláez Casellas, Coventry

    14 Nov: 'Quixotic encounters and tales from the US semiospheric border: 19th-century Latina writers who faced the Colossus of the North'

    Teresa Morell Moll, Alacant

    21 Nov: 'Valencians to New York: a forgotten diaspora'

    Foro Argentino de Cultura special event
    Robin Fiddian

    Fri, 24 Nov: Book launch: Postcolonial Borges. Argument and Artistry

    Medical Sciences

    Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine

    Oxford Developmental Biology Symposium

    The annual Oxford Developmental Biology Symposium will be held 9.30am–4.40pm on 8 December in the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre. External speakers: Jeremy Green, KCL, and  Meritxell Huch, Gurdon Institute, plus ten local speakers. Registration £15. More information: linda.roberts@imm.ox.ac.uk.

    Social Sciences

    Saïd Business School

    The following seminars will take place at 5.45pm on Thursdays at the Saïd Business School, followed by a drinks reception.

    Robert Kapito, president and director of BlackRock, will deliver a Distinguished Speaker Seminar on 2 November. To register: https://dss-robertkapito.eventbrite.com.

    Subject: In conversation with Dean Peter Tufano

    Tom Peters, co-author, In search of excellence, will deliver a Distinguished Speaker Seminar on 16 November. To register: https://dss-tompeters.eventbrite.com.

    Subject: 'The excellence dividend'

    Annoushka Ducas, founder, jewellery brands Links of London and Annoushka, will deliver an Inspiring Women at Oxford Saïd seminar on 9 November. To register: https://inspiringwomenannoushkaducas.eventbrite.com.

    Michael Bird, writer, independent art historian and curator, will deliver an Art at Saïd Business School session at 5.45pm on 9 November at Saïd Business School, followed by a drinks reception. To register: https://art-michaelbird.eventbrite.com.

    Subject: 'Destination St Ives: how modern art went west'

    Institutes, Centres and Museums

    Classical Art Research Centre

    Gandhara Connections Public Lecture

    Michael Wood will deliver the first Gandhara Connections Public Lecture at 5pm on 23 November in the Leonard Wolfson Auditorium, Wolfson. Open to all but registration required: carc@classics.ox.ac.uk. More information: www.carc.ox.ac.uk/GandharaConnections.

    Subject: 'Travelling and filming in Gandhara'

    Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

    Special lecture

    Ambassador Idriss Jazairy, Special Rapporteur to the UN Human Rights Council, will lecture at 5pm on 10 November at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, Marston Road. All welcome.

    Subject: 'The issue of equal citizenship rights: a case study of Myanmar'