Council and Main Committees

  • Thursday 26 October 2017
  • NO. 5183
  • VOL. 148

Council of the University

Register of Congregation

The Vice-Chancellor reports that the following names have been added to the Register of Congregation:

Allen, C R, Subdepartment of Astrophysics

Boggs, A M, New College

Cilliers, D D, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Damsma, A, Faculty of Theology and Religion

Dawson, N, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Jarvis, C L, NDORMS

Lawless, J F, Development Office

Livingstone-Banks, M, Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Divisional Office

Loughran, M P, Finance Division

Miller, J J J J, Wadham

Papoutsi, C, Kellogg

Rahman, I A, St Cross

Ramachandran, V K, Department of Plant Sciences

Schafer, R D, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Watts, P G, Faculty of Law