• Thursday 19 October 2017
    • NO. 5182
    • VOL. 148


    Faculty of Philosophy

    Oxford Forum Book launch and discussion

    There will be a book launch and discussion of Kate Kirkpatrick's book Sartre and Theology at 5.15pm on 23 October at the Dorfman Lecture Theatre, St Peter's. Speakers: Dr Kate Kirkpatrick, Hertfordshire; Professor Jonathan Webber, Cardiff; and Professor Johannes Zachhuber. Wine reception – all welcome. More information: Roxana.Baiasu@philosophy.ox.ac.uk. Chair: Dr Katherine Morris

    Social Sciences

    Institute of Population Ageing

    Seminar series: The geopolitical implications of global population change

    The following seminars willtake place at 2pm on Thursdays in the Seminar Room, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing. More information: www.ageing.ox.ac.uk or administrator@ageing.ox.ac.uk. Convener: Dr George Leeson

    Dr Marijke De Pauw, FU Brussels

    26 Oct: 'Global population ageing: toward a rights-based approach'

    Mr William Allen

    2 Nov: 'Societal change or the scale of immigration? How the British press has influenced public concern about migration, 1997–2015'

    Professor Charles Godfray

    9 Nov: 'The challenge of feeding 10 billion people healthily and sustainably'

    Dr Marco Springmann

    16 Nov: 'Climate change, agriculture and human health'

    Professor Sarah Harper

    23 Nov: 'The ageing of the Myanmar farming population: awareness and expectations'

    Professor David Pyle

    30 Nov: 'The next global volcanic catastrophe'