Notifications of Prizes, Grants and Funding

  • Thursday 18 January 2018
  • NO. 5191
  • VOL. 148

Please refer to the website, or contact the email address shown, for further details of the awards below.

Students of the University should refer to the Student Funding website for advice on fees and funding at

Australian National University: Student Exchange

Australian National University; Student Exchange; open to graduate research students in any subject to undertake a period of study or research in Australia; travel grant to cover economy return travel and visa; 28 February;

Gladstone Memorial Trust: Travel Awards

Gladstone Memorial Trust; Travel Awards 2018; open to Oxford and Cambridge undergraduates not in their final year; to provide an opportunity to travel abroad and extend winners' knowledge of foreign countries; eight or more awards of up to £600 each; 5 February (interviews 5 March in London);

St Antony's: Wai Seng Senior Research Scholar in Asia-Pacific Studies

St Antony's; Wai Seng Senior Research Scholar in Asia-Pacific Studies; open to all matriculated DPhil students of the University in fields such as modern history, social sciences, education and human geography whose research involves the study of the Asia-Pacific; £9,000 maintenance grant; 2 March;