• Thursday 2 June 2016
  • NO. 5135
  • VOL. 146

Congregation17 May

Voting on Resolution relating to Good Governance of the University in Relation to the Administration of the EJRA Scheme

At the Congregation meeting on 17 May the resolution was rejected (for: 121; against: 149).

Since more than 50 members of Congregation have requisitioned a postal vote on the resolution relating to Good Governance of the University in Relation to the Administration of the EJRA Scheme, the rejection of the resolution in Congregation on 17 May (see supplement (1) to  Gazette No 5133) is not confirmed, and a postal vote will now take place.

Signatories to requisition:

Nicholas Barber, Trinity, Law
Patrick Baird, University, Physics
Hugh Jenkyns, St Edmund Hall
Anthony B Watts, Earth Sciences
Heather A Bouman, Earth Sciences
Chris J Ballentine, Earth Sciences
Rosalind E M Rickaby, Earth Sciences
Bernard Wood, Earth Sciences
Frances Ashcroft, Trinity, Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics
Stephen Cameron, Computer Science
David E Logan, Chemistry
S J Ferguson, St Edmund Hall, Biochemistry
L A Goldberg, St Edmund Hall, Computer Science
R M Adlington, Chemistry
V Gouverneur, Chemistry
Darren Dixon, Chemistry
Michael Willis, Chemistry
George Fleet, Chemistry
Edward Anderson, Chemistry
Stephen Fletcher, Chemistry
Jonathan Burton, Chemistry
Mark Griffith, New, English
Christopher Tyerman, Hertford, History
Erica Charters, Wolfson, History
Daniel Isaacson, Wolfson, Philosophy
Rene Banares-Alcantara, New, Engineering Science
A J  Venables, Economics
Yves Capdeboscq, The Queen's, Mathematical Institute
William Poole, New
Miles Hewstone, New
Vincent Vitale, Theology & Religion
James Orr, Christ Church
Benjamin Caldecott, Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment
Andrew Moore, Regent's Park, Theology
T J Mawson, St Peter's, Philosophy
Brian Leftow, Oriel, Theology
Juliane Kerkhecker, Oriel, Classics
John Huber, Oriel, Engineering Science
William Wood, Oriel
Douglas Hamilton, Oriel, Engineering Science
Gonzalo Rodriguez-Pereyra, Oriel, Philosophy
Max Crispin, Oriel, Biochemistry
Hindy Najman, Oriel, Theology
Joel Rasmussen, Mansfield, Theology & Religion
Paul Ewart, Physics
Steven Rose, Physics
C Richard Stone, Somerville, Engineering Science
Martin H Davy, Exeter, Engineering Science
Armin Reichold, Balliol, Physics
Subir Sarkar, Linacre, Physics
John H Cobb, Keble, Physics
Justin Wark, Trinity, Physics
Amanda Cooper-Sarkar, St Hilda's, Physics
T J  Donohoe, Chemistry
M D  Smith, Chemistry
R I  Cooper , Chemistry
S J  Conway, Chemistry
Harry L Anderson, Keble, Chemistry
Kay Davies, Hertford
Angela Russell, St John's, Chemistry and Pharmacology
Paul Roberts, Chemistry
Stephen G Davies, Magdalen, Chemistry
James E Thomson, St Catherine's, Chemistry
Jeremy Robertson, Brasenose, Chemistry
Hagan Bayley, Hertford, Chemistry
Fraser Armstrong, St John's, Chemistry
Peter Edwards, St Catherine's, Chemistry
Tiancun Xiao, Chemistry
Richard G Compton, St John's
Sam Thompson, Christ Church, Chemistry
John Pitcher, St John's
Malcolm Davies, St John's
John Langton, St John's
Linda McDowell, St John's
Jeyaraney Kathirithamby, St Hugh's
Adrian L Harris, Oncology
Peter W Smith, NPEU, NDPH
Andrew R King, NPEU, NDPH
Brian Hicks, NPEU, NDPH
Manisha Nair, NPEU, NDPH
Claire Carson, NPEU, NDPH
Rachel Rowe, NPEU, NDPH
Jennifer Hollowell, NPEU, NDPH
Maria Quigley, NPEU, NDPH
Ursula Bowler, NPEU, NDPH
Susan Bellenger, NPEU, NDPH
Edmund Juszczak, NDPH
David  Murray, NDPH
Reinhard Strohm, Wadham, Music
Tim Claridge, Chemistry
Francesca Galligan, Bodleian Libraries
Alan Coates, St Cross, Bodleian Libraries
Harvey Brown, Wolfson, Philosophy
Andrew Steane, Exeter, Physics
M Kurkchiyan-Banks, Law
Denis Galligan, Wolfson, Socio-legal Studies
Geraint Jones, Wolfson, Computer Science
A Deighton, Wolfson, DPIR
Daniel Butt, Balliol
Donald Porcelli, DIPR, Earth Sciences
Janet B Pierrehumbert, Oxford e-research centre
James Benson, Wolfson, Oriental Studies
Stefano Zacchetti, Balliol, Oriental Studies & Theology
Christopher Melchert, Pembroke, Oriental Studies
Wolfgang D C de Melo, Wolfson, Classics
A Jane Caplan, St Antony's, History
David Sherratt, Linacre, Biochemistry/MSD
David Palfreyman, New
R G Ratcliffe, New
Samson Abramsky, Computer Science
Valentine Cunningham, CCC
Lynn A Robson, Regent's Park, English
Patrick Hayes, St John's
David Robertson, Politics and International Relations
Peter McDonald, St Hugh's
Anne Goriely, WIMM
Peter Mitchell, St Hugh's
Margaret Watson, Wadham, Bodleian Libraries
Laura Hoyano, Wadham, Law
Dimitry Belyaev, Maths
AJ Wathen, Maths
Xenia de la Ossa, Maths
B Zilber, Maths
P Candelas, Maths
David Seifert, St John's
Gui-Qiang G Chen, Maths
Ben Hambly, Maths
Jan Kristensen, Maths
John M Ball, Queen's
James Sparks, Maths
Luis Alday, Maths

Text of Resolution

'Congregation resolves:

(1) That the EJRA be suspended forthwith pending the publication of the findings of the EJRA Review Committee to all members of the University.
(2) That the EJRA Review Committee now be afforced with at least five members representing and answerable to Congregation.
(3) That the afforced Committee report its findings to Congregation by 1 January 2017.
(4) That Council and all University committees promptly disclose to Congregation all legal advice taken regarding the EJRA.'

(For a full list of the proposers of the resolution and Council's response, see Gazette No 5131, 5 May 2016, p478.)


Following the requisition of a postal vote by more than 50 members of Congregation, the resolution will be submitted to a postal vote for confirmation or rejection in accordance with Part 4 of Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002.

Voting papers have been dispatched to members of Congregation on Thursday, 26 May. Completed voting papers must be returned to the Registrar’s Office (University Offices) not later than noon on Thursday, 9 June. Voting papers received after this time will not be counted.

Every member of Congregation may vote in the postal vote regardless of whether he or she voted at the meeting on 17 May. Please note that votes cast in the Congregation meeting will not be included in the postal vote.

Any queries should be addressed to

The transcript of the debate on the resolution was published as Supplement (1) to Gazette No 5133 and on the Congregation website (

Congregation9 June


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Note on procedures in Congregation

¶ Business in Congregation is conducted in accordance with Congregation Regulations 2 of 2002 ( A printout of these regulations, or of any statute or other regulations, is available from the Council Secretariat on request. A member of Congregation seeking advice on questions relating to its procedures, other than elections, should contact Mrs F Burchett at the University Offices, Wellington Square (telephone: (2)80199; email:; questions relating to elections should be directed to the Elections Officer, Ms S L S Mulvihill (telephone: (2)80463; email: