Wildlife and People: Conflict and Coexistence

Dr Thomas Hesselberg, Dr Joanna Bagniewska
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9:45 - 17:00
Department for Continuing Education
Ewert House
Ewert Place
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Courses and workshops
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Wildlife and humans coexist in an intricate relationship. People value wildlife as a source of income, food and medicine, as a cultural symbol or a charm. At the same time, communities living in close proximity to wildlife may consider it a nuisance, competition or threat. With human population growing at an unprecedented rate, there is a greater scope for tension with wildlife. Managing the interactions between people and wild animals is therefore becoming an increasingly pressing issue from the perspective of wildlife conservation, animal welfare and people’s livelihood.

The course is based on both recent and historical case studies from around the world, aims to be highly interactive, and will suit anyone with a passion for wildlife and a will to engage in challenging and insightful discussions.