The Untapped Potential of ‘Work’ for Looked After Young People – Challenges and Opportunities

Professor Robbie Gilligan (Trinity College Dublin)
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17:00 - 18:30
Department of Education
15 Norham Gardens
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Seminar Room G

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Lectures and seminars
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The seminar will explore the transformative potential of ‘work’ (ranging from paid employment to internships to volunteering) for marginalised young people. Using evidence from the Care to Work Pathways Study and wider literature, the presentation will identify different ways in which early and later positive work experience can benefit the social and/or educational progress of young people in care. It will re-imagine some of our ideas about the sequencing, segregation and linking of ‘education’ and ‘work’. It will also consider how foster carers and other adults can help young people in care engage successfully with the world of work.