Thinking About Things: Pitt Rivers - Beyond the Binary Exhibition Tour

Melanie Rowntree, Jozie Kettle
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16:30 - 17:30
Pitt Rivers Museum - Online via Zoom
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Gallery tours / talks
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The Beyond the Binary: Gender, Sexuality, Power exhibition offers alternative understandings from a wide range of people that highlight human histories, which have been silenced as a result of intolerance and oppression.

Join project curator, Jozie Kettle, to uncover and question binaries that have been forced on society and how they affect people's lives and identities.

Beyond the Binary challenges the idea that LGBTIAQ+ lives are a Western invention, a new trend, or that queer people do not have history. The exhibition hosts material from across the globe and from many historical periods, including items from the ancient world. Objects and images that were already in the collection are displayed and discussed, alongside loaned and newly collected contemporary art.

Online discussion open to 15 - 18 year olds.