'There are no Students in Zaatari Camp': Losing a Generation of Syria’s Best and Brightest and the Challenges of Refugee Higher Education

Keith David Watenpaugh (University of California, Davis)
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Rhodes House
South Parks Road
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Lectures and seminars
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Since 2013, Keith David Watenpaugh has directed a global project to better understand the problems and opportunities facing refugee university students from the war in Syria. This work has taken him from refugee camps in Jordan, second-shift schools in Lebanon, Syrian ghettos in Istanbul and illegal encampments on the borders of Greece to talk with young people who should be studying to be teachers, nurses, doctors, scientists or lawyer, but instead are struggling to survive in the face of discrimination, xenophobia and a lack of international will to help. Watenpaugh’s efforts have led to a series of influential studies that have shaped international policy on refugee higher education. In this talk Watenpaugh will discuss conditions facing refugee students and measures to reconnect them with higher education opportunities; it will also provide a unique window on the terrible human cost of the war in Syria.