Teddy Hall Lunchtime Concert | University of Oxford

Teddy Hall Lunchtime Concert

Keyron Hickman-Lewis
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13:15 - 14:00
St Edmund Hall
Queen's Lane
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Old Dining Hall

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“Openings and Closings are Bounded by Eternities”

Tones are absolute, notes are determinate, time is quantified, but music is infinite. One pianist, one piano, one audience, five pieces, and one retrospective of the oeuvre of Philip Glass. As the Twentieth Century’s unequivocally most influential composer, Glass has served as a leading light for contemporary classical music, conveying ‘music with repetitive structures’ to a global audience, and inspiring a generation of composers to build on his inimitable creative fashions.

As Glass counts down the months to his 80th year, it is a prudent moment in which to celebrate his contributions to that most sonic craft of music. Please join me for a concert of ‘Glass works’ which stand at the forefront of what it is to challenge perceptions of compositional contemporaneity, to confront the former basis for the arrangement of notes on the stave, and to tectonically founder the unacceptability of classicism in a modernist world.

Solo Piano - Keyron Hickman-Lewis

performing the works of Philip Glass:

Opening from Glassworks
Mad Rush from Solo Piano
Escape! or Metamorphosis II, inspired by Kafka
Wichita Sutra Vortex from the Ginsberg/Glass “Hydrogen Jukebox”
Étude no.17, Glass at 75
Closing, from Glassworks.

Free admission; all welcome.