Systematic Reviews, the need for change | University of Oxford

Systematic Reviews, the need for change

Dr Jon Brassey
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18:00 - 19:00
Mawby Pavilion
Mawby Pavilion, 1-7 Wellington Square (Rewley House)
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Lectures and seminars
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This talk is part of the Practice of Evidence-Based Health Care module which is part of the MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care. The need to generate systematic reviews is relatively uncontroversial and until recently so were the methods of production. The presentation will highlight a number of problems associated with the current system and propose a radical departure to ensure we meet Archie Cochrane's desire to see all RCTs included in critical summaries. Jon specialises in understanding and meeting the information needs of clinicians. He works extensively in the world of clinical question answering and has run numerous services. He and his various teams have answered over 10,000 clinical questions. As a result of his work he created and still runs the clinical search engine the TRIP Database ( The TRIP Database has been running for over ten years and is used worldwide. In 2010 it surpassed 50 million searches since its launch. As well as working on the TRIP Database he works for Public Health Wales also involved in clinical knowledge support. His main current areas of interest include the limitations of search, the personalisation of information (including for the developing world), the use of social media (twitter, blogs) and meeting unknown information needs.