Survey of Myanmar's Sriksetra UNESCO World Heritage Site

Kyaw Myo Win, Sriksetra Site Manager
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14:00 - 15:30
St Antonys College
St Antonys College
62 Woodstock Road
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Deakin Room

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Lectures and seminars
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The 1,500-year-old stupas and temples of Sriksetra are among the earliest Buddhist monuments in the world. Known as the 'Field of Glory' or 'Auspicious Land,' it was the largest and latest of the cities built by the Pyu people, the oldest recorded inhabitants of modern-day Myanmar. Sriksetra's monumental remains stand today as a striking testament to the Pyu Kingdoms that flourished between 200 B.C and 900 A.D, helping to shape modern Burmese culture, religion and language.

Kyaw Myo Win is the site manager of Sri Ksetra UNESCO World Heritage Site and a leading authority in Myanmar on heritage management and conservation. He specialises in the application of GPS survey and GIS mapping and has excavated over 40 sites since joining the Department of Archaeology in 1995.