The Supreme Court Re-Assessed: What do the next 7 years hold for the UK's Final Court?

Professor Alan Paterson OBE
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17:30 - 18:30
Wolfson College
Linton Road
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Leonard Wolfson Auditorium

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Lectures and seminars
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In this Max Watson Annual Lecture, Alan Paterson OBE, Professor of Law and Director of the Centre for Professional Legal Studies at the Strathclyde University of Law, will take a detailed look at the Supreme Court, its past, present and future.

Building on his award winning publication Final Appeal: The Last Law Lords and the Supreme Court (Hart Publishing, 2013) Professor Paterson will show how the Supreme Court has developed a different decision-making model from that which prevailed in the House of Lords.

Although their decisions continue to be significantly influenced by their dialogues with counsel, with themselves, with academics, with judicial assistants, with lower courts and with Parliament, the balance between these dialogues has changed, as has the Court's approach to judgment writing.

Yet if email has transformed the post hearing dynamic with regard the composition of judgments, orality continues to dominate the earlier stages - though not as counsel may wish.

Judged by the developments in the last seven years, in another seven years’ time decision-making in the UK Supreme Court is likely to be substantially different from the final years for the House of Lords.

Professor Paterson, LLB (Edin), DPhil (Oxon), Solicitor, FRSA, FRSE is one of the UK’s leading researchers on the judiciary and his monograph on the UK Supreme Court Final Judgment: The Last Law Lords and the Supreme Court (Hart Publishing) won the Socio-Legal Studies Association’s book prize for 2015 and Inner Temple Book Prize for 2015.