Sue Lloyd Roberts’ 'The War On Women'

Sarah Morris, Nick Guthrie, Sue Saville
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18:00 - 19:00
Worcester College
Walton Street
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Lectures and seminars
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BBC journalist Sarah Morris talks with her stepfather and BBC producer Nick Guthrie about finishing her late mother’s book about the suffering and injustice faced by women across the world, chaired by broadcast and medical journalist Sue Saville (History, 1979).

Sue-Lloyd Roberts MBE (History and Modern Languages, 1970) was an acclaimed video-journalist and television reporter for ITN and the BBC. She began writing 'War on Women' after realising that, during her 30 years of human rights reporting, the majority of her efforts to draw attention to injustice and suffering had involved women. Sue died of leukaemia in 2015 with the book unfinished. Her daughter, Sarah Morris, completed it this year.